20 of the hottest sneakers of all time (Part 1) 8 minutes to read

20 of the hottest sneakers of all time (Part 1) 8 minutes to read

Even if you know them by a different name (trainers, kicks, runners, daps, or grail or my baby), there’s no denying that the appeal of sneakers goes way beyond just shoes. other normal footwear.

Logo design, color, style, and even packaging design all play a very important role, but there is still something “quality” that cannot be easily identified. crazy about them.

Legendary designer Tinker Hatfield in Netlix documentary “Abstract”

Historically, sneakers have been an ethnic mark of their own, a pinnacle of our time, a reflection of contextual and cultural influences. Countless sneakers have become indisputable icons, they have always been there and have the stature of classic designs of all time.

The movie “Sneakerhead” by Netflix

Whether you are an indie girl who ‘married’ her 70s Chucks; an uncle who loves basketball who would be willing to pay a few thousand dollars for his Air Jordans 1; Or a modern office guy for which a classic Stan Smith adidas pair is everything, you have to admit that there are dozens of cool sneakers, iconic and always So influential that they deserve a special place on any of your lists or needs.

So, with all that said, here’s a list of the 20 best sneakers ever – and on a side note, they are in no order.

01. Nike Air Max 1

The Air Max 1 wasn’t the first shoe to use Nike’s advanced air cushioning system. That honor goes to its predecessors like Tailwind, Air Force 1 and Air Ace from 1982. However, the 1987 Air Max 1 was the first design to “reveal” its internal parts with the door. visible air window, inspired by the Center Georges Pompidou building in France. Despite the advancements in technology, they still look incredibly eye-catching today.

02. Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor 70

Legendary shoes and an undeniable vintage design, whatever your personal taste. Almost unchanged since its first release in 1916, Converse All Stars (or “Chuck Ts,” named after the early endorsement of basketball star Charles Taylor) is ubiquitous. in influential cultures such as skate, indie, punks, grunge and especially streetwear. Now, this comedy is a symbol of footwear at the pinnacle of fashion.

03. adidas Trimm Trab

Trimm Trab has been an extremely popular classic design since its release in Adidas’ German hometown in the mid-70s.

With the enthusiastic support of a series of UK football fans in the 1980s, this design is considered a standard of footwear in the area of ​​adjacent blocks on Saturday afternoon. With its solid rubber polyurethane sole, anyone can spot this comedy at once.

Sadly, finding a classic pair of mint colors is practically impossible, as the sole on the original models becomes damaged over time, even when not being used.

04. Nike Air Jordan 1

It’s hard to imagine all the impact this first Nike release of Air Jordan had on the sports and fashion industry in general.

With its original (now iconic) red / black color scheme, this comedy was initially banned by the NBA entirely for violating the rules of color. History shows that banning rarely harms things that are forbidden and so does this Michael Jordan-backed design. The Air Jordan 1 quickly became something anyone who knows fashion can read the name of. All seem to have caused an unprecedented “fever”.

Interestingly, the Air Jordan 1 was the only shoe in the Jordan line to feature the iconic Nike Swoosh logo.

05. Onitsuka Tiger Corsair

After its introduction in the late 1940s, Japan’s Onitsuka Tiger quickly made great strides in the development of sports shoe technology and design.

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman (later to found Nike) helped Onitsuka design Corsair, which was later redesigned to become Cortez, a classic in Nike’s early days. First introduced with the Onitsuka Tiger “Mexico”, the stripes serve as a metaphor for speed, movement and power, as a means of providing support to athletes’ feet.

Corsair, with its iconic tiger stripes running down the sides, became a footwear emblem in that era.

06. Puma State

The Puma States (or Suedes are widely available in the US) is a timeless classic design with a long and illustrious history.

Tommy Smith made his famous “Black Power” welcome at the 1968 Olympics while wearing this design and immediately became very popular among basketball players (Legend of the Knicks, Clyde Frazier is a famous endorser), hip-hop stars, skaters and street racers since that time.

07. adidas Superstar

The classic “Superstar” comedy is one of the most uniquely designed sneaker logos. Not only because of the signature scalloped toe design, but also because of its massive impact on so many music, culture and club trends.

Immediately popular on arenas when it was released in 1969 as a basketball shoe, followed by hip-hop groups in the early 80s in New York (Run DMC’s My adidas ) has led to a huge explosion in popularity for Superstar.

08. Etnies Fader

Not a shoe that is often found on the top “all-time” list and certainly not considered the “coolest” by the insiders, but nevertheless it is a classic design in the dawn of street culture.

A classic style, attractive aesthetics, subtle contrasting color schemes and solid solid textures create a design that embraces both classic and modern. Etnies Fader is the call of the purists!

09. Nike Air Force 1

Released in 1982, this iconic design is possibly the first Nike air-cushioned basketball shoe.

The Nike Air Force 1 was once very popular in the basketball segments for at least three years before being widely used as a fashion item, possibly due to the forerunner (and smart marketing) of its lines. Air Jordan and Air Max later.

10. adidas Stan Smith

Launched in 1965 and endorsed by American tennis legend Stan Smith, the adidas sneakers of the same name is simply a legend of legends. These are adidas’ most sold out sneaker designs, so much so that they were seen as a re-release back in 2014.

A benchmark of sophistication in classic designs, this stunning leather artwork is a striking success in the “less is more” story, particularly noteworthy with three rows of holes replaced at where adidas’ three stripes will usually appear.

Translator: Nam Vu
Source: creativebloq

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