20 million phones are priced at 500 thousand: Say bitter words, price Huawei

20 million phones are priced at 500 thousand: Say bitter words, price Huawei

Surveying on many technology sites, the number of members selling Huawei phones surged. The price offered for sale has also plummeted, even accepting tens of millions of losses. For example, Huawei Mate 20 Pro is priced at around VND 20-21 million. Meanwhile, members sell for only about 15 million dong, however, many people pay only 10 million dong, even 5-7 or only 3 million dong.

Minh Nguyen (a member in Binh Duong) is selling a Huawei phone for 6.6 million dong. "New, beautiful machine, and warranty, please do not force people to price", he shared on a technology group.

He said: "People and family members sell off Huawei too." According to him, the phone he is using is still very new, but the phone is still acceptable to sell more than 10 million dong compared to the original price in less than 2 weeks.

Race to sell phones

Similarly another member named Hung is selling Huawei P30 Pro for 16 million dong after only three days of use. He accepted a loss of 6 million dong. Mr. Hung said, the new machine is only 99.9%, he has not bought it yet before using it, but because of the worry, the above information should be accepted to sell at a loss.

However, many members immediately "slapped the water in the rain" when "saying bitter words", paying a low price. One member paid 1 million VND to buy Huawei phones to liquidate, even some even paid 500 thousand VND. Many other members "maliciously" called not to buy Huawei phones at this time because the price will continue to plunge in the near future.

The most anxious is the group of customers who buy installment phones. Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa (Hai Phong) said, he just bought Huawei's phone for more than 10 million, less than 1 month ago. Before this situation, he wanted to sell and could not sell. "The most afraid is to pay the money, the phone becomes a brick block," Mr. Hoa worried.

However, many users reassure themselves: "Huawei is a big company that will find a solution, so you should calm down not to sell cheap now". Some members after being sold for sale were miserably priced and decided to wait for time.

A Huawei user urged: "To get up early to get in line to buy Huawei P30 because of a discount of up to 4 million, a gift of 5 million. After buying and not beating the box, I received the news of Google So new, of cheap is my. "

According to the ad, the Huawei P30 Pro is the smartphone that tops the charts in DXOMark's Photo and Video categories with a score of 119 and 97 points respectively, and the highest total score of 112 ever.

Listen to the market

On the system of retail and online distribution channels, Huawei products are still on sale. The price on the web has not changed since the previous time. The number of people who come to ask for purchases has also decreased.

20 million phones are priced at 500 thousand: Say bitter words, price Huawei
Huawei before the big wave

A phone salesman in Thai Ha said that the situation has not changed, the price of Huawei phones has not been adjusted. For the old Huawei phones sold by users, the past few days are not mutated. The store still collects Huawei phones at a standard price, does not lower or force prices with resell customers.

Before the information was pressured on the Internet, he said that the old phone costing 15 million dong but paying only 1 million or 500 thousand dong is actually just a joke. No one sells it at that price.

Those who intend to buy Huawei phones are also puzzled. Ms. Luu Huong Giang (Vinh Phuc) said: “It is still too early to know the fate of Huawei smartphones in Vietnam. But if you buy a phone with tens of millions without gmail, youtube is really throwing away. Must have found another product to make sure. ”

Many systems have announced that they will continue to sell Huawei products and will be afraid of maximum user support. A phone shop announced: "May 21 – 31, buy Huawei for free for 30 days (even if there are no errors)".

Elsewhere, Huawei announced that it would continue to provide security and after-sales service updates for all existing Huawei and Honor smartphones, tablets, including products. Products are sold and products are in stock globally.


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