20 great free games on Steam but few people know about (part 2)

20 great free games on Steam but few people know about (part 1)

Double Action: Boogaloo

Starting with Double Action: Boogaloo, gamers will be surprised with the image of the characters in the game. The gunmen wear luxury suits, instead of the dusty terrorists like in Counter Strike. The battle takes place under the 3rd perspective with sharp frames that will satisfy any demanding player.

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Action like slipping to hell with a gentle gun, or interesting slow-motion money-ups like movie movies are the undeniable attraction of Double Action: Boogaloo. Context the game takes place in many different locations with extremely sharp graphics. The rolling phase from corner to corner is very impressive, the game characters move quickly, making the player unable to take their eyes off the screen.

Fully possessing the most popular elements today such as: open world, multiplayer, survival, parkour or even zombie shooting mode, Double Action: Boogaloo can completely meet all the entertainment needs of the gamer.


Blameless offers a first-person, mysterious adventure. The game is set in an unfinished house, the player must try to escape the mysterious man. When you don’t know how and why you got there, you cannot predict what will happen, because everything will depend on what you investigate and get to know.

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Playing as a young architect, you are asked by a strange man to help design the interior of his unfinished house. Accepting a legitimate request, you are taken to the house in the evening of the same day. Considering the interior, with your skilled eyes you notice a small detail and turn to tell the man about blood stains on the floor. That’s what happens before you get hit in the head, then fall to the floor and lose consciousness.

When he woke up, the man was gone, the phone was broken, only one exit door was locked. You have no hero to save, but you can choose to investigate the strange events that have happened to you. Looking around and your architect instinct tells you there’s no need to open the door to get out …


Short but impressive, it’s the shortest comment about this interesting game. Game time is not long, but the experience that The Plan gives players is extremely impressive and worth a try. The game takes you in a position of a fly flying through a dark forest with unknown mysteries. Most of the game offers the experience of discovering the life of flies in a beautiful environment, players actually do not have to do much activity because The Plan is also almost a short film version.

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With strange pictures and ideas, The Plan tries to convey an interesting message about life. Everything that happens in the game is very natural, doesn’t make you think too much, the game is like a relaxing journey and a lot of meaning in life. The background music is classical music by composer Edvard Grieg which is also a factor in the great experience of playing.

No More Room in Hell

Inspired by the classic series “Of The Dead” directed by George Romeo, along with the talented hands of the developers, No More Room in Hell quickly asserted its name and became one of the shooting games. Best zombie of all time.

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Released in October 2011, No More Room in Hell was developed by a team of modders based on Valve’s popular engine platform Source. With a free release, the game attracted a lot of attention from gamers at that time.

Possessing an action-packed gameplay, attractive shooting, not strange when No More Room in Hell received more than 43,000 positive reviews (accounting for 89% of the total value). If you know that another popular zombie shooting game, Left 4 Dead, has only received 12,000 positive reviews, you probably also partly understand the appeal of No More Room in Hell.

Cry of Fear

Starting from a mod of Half Life, with the talented hands of the developers of Team Psykskallar, Cry of Fear quickly asserted its name and became one of the quality horror games not to be missed.

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Cry of Fear is set in an abandoned town, where many terrible secrets are hidden. After an incident, you will play the role of an adult guy accidentally stuck there. While exploring this place, the player will receive an emergency message from an unknown phone number. Unable to ignore, the protagonist begins to embark on a journey full of deadly traps and unforeseen dangers.

As a horror game belonging to the classic type, the element of “intimidation” in the game is not lacking. With a great combination of storyline, visuals and sound, Cry of Fear is enough to beat the most tough players.

Sang-Froid Tales of Werewolves

Sang-Froid Tales of Werewolves is an action and strategy game produced and published by Artifice, a Game studio from Canana. The game takes place in a village in the middle of remote Alaska, where every night, residents here still have to guard against the dangers of ferocious werewolves. Until a girl in the village was attacked, people realized that it was not only a matter of simply running away, but fighting against them for true peace.

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When exposed to the game, Tower Defense enthusiasts will feel very familiar with the gameplay. The image of the game uses the characteristic white tones of the ice and snow area, while bringing out the light effects from the fire or the glowing explosion effects. Compared to current blockbusters, the Sang-Froid Tales of Werewolves may not be comparable in terms of visuals. However, the gameplay of this game will certainly not disappoint you, especially when it is completely free.


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