20 great free games on Steam but few people know about (part 1)

Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason

Inspired by the Cyberpunk trend and the game Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen (also known with the familiar name in Vietnam is soccer), developer Pathea Games has released a game called Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason.

20 great free games on Steam but few people know about (part 1) - Photo 1.
20 great free games on Steam but little known (part 1) - Photo 2.

In the Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason, you will be playing the role of a player of the future world. In addition to the usual physical strength, these players are further aided by advanced machines and technologies. Each character has different properties, skills and strengths. Your task is to coordinate with your team to score and win.

Eternal Return: Black Survival

Eternal Return: Black Survival is the game developed based on the original Black Survival product with a newer style, including stunning 3D anime graphics and trendy battle royale gameplay.

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Black Survival: Eternal Return has action-packed combat mechanics, with a diagonal top-down perspective of ARPGs that creates a very different feeling in the fighting screens. Gamers will participate in many top-notch cuts to find the last survivor.

Each battle of Black Survival: Eternal Return has 15 participants. In which you can choose your own character who possesses a unique set of skills that bring very different fighting abilities. Some people are good at melee combat, others are good at hiding, others shoot strong guns … creating a very diverse battlefield but also many hidden risks.

Dragon’s Sin

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Dragon’s Sin is set in a fantasy medieval world, where the earth is ruled by humans and dragons. While humans have intellectual and magical powers, the broad species dominates physically and strongly.

After thousands of years of peaceful coexistence, dragons suddenly discovered an important secret. That is when eating humans, dragons can increase strength and become more transcendent. From then on, a new generation appeared under the name Dark Dragons (these are potion dragons that have been transformed after eating humans). A war takes place between humans and dragons, where only the strongest can win and become the hegemon of the world.

Codename CURE

Codename CURE is a first-person shooter game with quite interesting gameplay when revolving around the human war with hideous zombies. The content of the game play mainly revolves around hunting and killing Zombies, when providing many single-player parts or teams around this issue.

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Codename CURE introduces players to 5 character classes, respectively Pointman, Support, Assault, Technician and Sniper. Each character class has its own unique weapons, for example Assault is a familiar character in the first-person shooter series, Sniper takes the position of sniper with a sniper, while Support is the class. Characters have the ability to recover, even revive fallen teammates …

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

After years of absence, the legendary game Alien Swarm has returned with a new version called Reactive Drop. Officially released from April 21, players can now freely download and experience this game without spending any money. This is very good news for fans of the Alien Swarm line and the PC gaming community in general.

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It is known that Alien Swarm is an action game with a top-down perspective. The gameplay of the game focuses more on action than plot. With a co-op system for four players, gamers must fight against “countless numbers” of monsters in space with three teammates. All the players need to do is perform missions that are delivered via voice in the game.


In Argo, the player will play the role of a soldier who needs to go to Malden Island to perform the mission, this is one of the familiar locations that appeared in the first version of Arma (used to be called Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis). Here gamers will have to fight in a 5 vs 5 match to win rewards.

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At the end of the game, players will be rewarded with experience points based on their own performance, which can be used to unlock new weapons or upgrade guns, add accessories … The interesting point of Argo is Besides those matches, gamers can also play very good “open world” style, not confined to the confrontation screen.


Einar is an action game, 3rd person, based on Norse mythology. The game will take you as Einar, a warrior carrying the power of god. After a pandemic, people in the area were infected with a strange disease that made them turn into lifeless, aggressive, and extremely bloodthirsty creatures. Following the clues, Einar discovered the source of the disease in a fishing village called Norse. From here, a dangerous journey begins.

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With a rather short duration, Einar focuses on action and fights between players and monsters. In the process of subtracting time, killing violence, Einar uses 3 main weapons: hammer, shield and bow. Depending on the different circumstances, gamers will choose for themselves the right weapon to solve the challenges encountered. Besides action quality, Einar will also interweave some puzzle and role-playing elements.


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