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2 Samsung factories suspended operations because … lack of power, RAM and SSD risk of price increase


According to the Austin-American Statesman report, Samsung was required to completely stop operations at its Austin production plant due to a power shortage in Texas. The incident was also quite unexpected and the affected companies obeyed the directive, stopping all chip manufacturing.

Statesman said some products could be damaged during the last power outage, causing damages of up to millions of dollars to Samsung. Some chips can take more than a month to go through various stages, and a sudden power outage can cause the whole batch of chips to fail, causing huge losses to the company.

It is not clear how much this will affect the Samsung line, but at least we know the two Samsung factories in Austin will make fewer chips. And according to experience from the past, the lack of memory chips is likely to cause the price of RAM and SSD to soar.

2 Samsung factories suspend operations because ... lack of electricity, RAM and SSD risk of price increase - Photo 2.

This unplanned outage can have serious long-term consequences. For example, in 2018 the Samsung factory lost power for 30 minutes, and as a result, damaged 3% of the supply of NAND chips globally. Or as the Samsung factory suddenly lost power in January 2021, it took many days after the power was restored before this factory could operate as normal.

Hopefully this round Samsung will not suffer too much damage so that the price of RAM and SSD will be less volatile. But currently CPU with GPU is scarce, price is expensive, now with more RAM and SSD, gamers know to live?

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