2 quick ways to check flight status on iPhone
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2 quick ways to check flight status on iPhone

Are you traveling or are you often “traveling” here and there on flights? If you want to check the status of your flight on the iPhone, immediately follow the steps below!

There are two ways to track flights on iOS devices. The first has existed since iOS 9 was released and allows you to follow through the Messages app on your phone. The second way is that you can perform tracking on Safari browser on iOS 11.

Track flights with the Messages app

Let’s say you receive a confirmation from the airline you’re planning to travel or someone sends you some flight information by text. This will be a quick way to find flight information for the next 24 hours.

First, open the application Messages.

Find the name and flight number mentioned, then select and hold on that information. The Flight Tracker window will appear with flight details.

Alternatively, just type, then send your name and flight number as a private message. Keep pressing the message until the pop-up window allows you to select Preview Flight.

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<p>This feature works with any iOS application like Mail or Notes.</p>
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Track flights with the Safari browser on iOS 11

The latest iOS 11 update lets you track flight information with the help of Safari and Spotlight browsers. iOS 11 will update your flight information and display it in the Spotlight widget.

Enter the airline name and flight number in the address bar of the Safari browser. The first proposal will direct you directly to a map, helping you track the flight progress.

Map of flight information on the Safari browser

Flight tracking is really convenient, but we often overlook it. It is this tracking that will help us better plan our journeys and avoid minor issues such as traffic congestion or bigger issues such as missed flights.

Do you use flight tracking or a specific website? Is it helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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