2 American ships do not enter the Black Sea: Respect or fear Russian ships?

2 American ships do not enter the Black Sea: Respect or fear Russian ships?

US Navy destroyers Donald Cook and Roosevelt on April 14 stopped moving toward the Black Sea, Russia’s Izvestia newspaper quoted sources in the military agency as saying.

American ships April 10 from the Rota naval base in Spain sailed towards the Russian coast. Previously, the Turkish government announced that on April 14-15, they would have to cross the Bosphorus and enter the Black Sea.

But the American destroyers changed their course abruptly and turned to the Greek island of Crete. The two ships were anchored at a US Navy logistics center in Souda Harbor and stayed there all day.

The change comes a day after a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden, in which the two Russian-US leaders have promised their first meeting.

On the evening of April 14, according to the AIS marine website Marinetraffic.com, two US destroyers left the island, but it is not clear their route of movement yet, these two ships could continue on. follow the journey to the Black Sea or stay in the Mediterranean waters.

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American warships changed course just before entering the Black Sea

Experts noted that, if the destroyers’ visit was shelved, it would be a sign that the situation in the area was less tense; Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov said on his personal Telegram page that US President Joe Biden sent Russia a “small conciliatory signal” by canceling two destroyers entering the Black Sea, in order to avoid causing further tensions caused Russia to cancel the meeting.

According to Pushkov, it is possible that Biden is sending Moscow a small conciliatory signal, through the suspension of warships into the Black Sea, as informed to Turkey.

According to Pushkov, at least Biden still needs the participation of Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the online summit on climate. Mr. Biden wants to assert the new “world leadership” of the United States. If it weren’t for the meeting with Putin, it wouldn’t work out.

It is worth noting that, on April 14, Russian media reported that, in the face of tensions in the Black Sea, Russian warships were dispatched by the Black Sea Fleet to welcome US destroyers.

According to the Black Sea Fleet’s Information Support Department, a Black Sea Fleet’s fleet consisting of destroyers, missile ships and landing craft of the Black Sea Fleet has set sail to conduct artillery in the frame. the fleet’s forces control test during winter training.

The exercise was conducted in accordance with the Black Sea Fleet’s control test plan during winter training at a maritime training ground in the Black Sea.

The fleet includes the destroyers “Admiral Makarov”, the missile ships “Grayvoron” and “Vyshny Volochok”; minesweeper “Ivan Golubets”, as well as a large landing craft.

The fleets conducted simulated minefield training, after which the crew of the ships would conduct a single and combined test shot against targets on water and in the air. The simulated enemy will be the naval target shield.

The Black Sea Fleet’s information room added that in addition to the warships, participating in the inspection will also include naval fighter jets and helicopters, as well as the fleet’s air defense forces.

Russian media said that, in fact, this was an unusual operation of the Black Sea Fleet to welcome, monitor and deter US warships entering the Black Sea.

Combined with the Putin-Biden meeting that will take place in the near future, this outrageous military activity has also had a certain impact on the White House and the Pentagon, prompting the US Navy to abandon the plan. bringing ships into the Black Sea.



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