19:46                                      Beijing commends the chairman of the European Parliament’s group on China

On the street of Belgrade on March 30, a notice board in Chinese was written, thanking Chinese President Xi Jinping. (AFP)

On the street of Belgrade on March 30, a notice board in Chinese was written, thanking Chinese President Xi Jinping. (AFP)

2020-04-28 19:46:54

[Compiled by Guan Shuping / Comprehensive Report]The Chinese government has lobbied the German government through diplomatic channels to publicly praise China ’s efforts to combat Wuhan ’s pneumonia epidemic. In this regard, the European Parliament told Reinhard Butikofer, Chairman of the China Relations Group, that China ’s propaganda is “moving stones and smashing their own feet.” In just three months, the goodwill and respect gained in the past 30 years in the world Spend extravagance and miss the opportunity to show that you are a responsible international participant.

Bauerheim ’s interview published on the Voice of Germany (DW) on the 28th pointed out that everyone now knows more clearly than in the past, what is the matter with China; because China is unable to determine whether its people are willing to believe the statements propagated by the government, so Offering “very desperate” means, pressured foreign countries to praise China’s anti-epidemic performance, and attempted to “impress their own nationals” with foreign appreciation.

He mentioned that the EU positioned China as a systemic competitor last year. In addition, Germany ’s discussion on whether to allow China ’s “Huawei” company to participate in the construction of the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) has more objections than in the past few years. , “I think we are on the right path.”

He also believes that the statements of some industrial organizations such as the German Industrial Federation reflect that the industrial and commercial circles have seen that from a geopolitical point of view, they need to adopt tougher policies against China. He said that China once had the opportunity to show that it could be a responsible international participant, “but they promote crisis opportunism so radically and mess up everything.”

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