1900 back then. Motorola Droid / Milestone - The phone does what Iphone can't do

1900 back then. Motorola Droid / Milestone – The phone does what Iphone can't do

To reschedule … Last time I wrote an article about Droid 2 R2-D2 as a legend from the Motorola-eradicated empire Motorola (article by description link)
For the purpose of continuing the series on the Droid series, today I will introduce again For the predecessors of Droid 2 – the Droid 1 (CDMA version) or Milestone 1 (GSM) once stormed the Vietnamese market with a name that sounded very loud "The phone does things that Iphone can't do it " : eek:: eek:: eek:: eek:

In 2009, when Android was also a fledgling operating system created to compete with the old Nokia Symbian block of steel and block progress as the home of the wealthy Apple iOS newcomer (of course can not help saying to some strange operating systems like Blackberry OS, Palm OS of Treo or Window Phone), Google has always tried to entice its allies with real power and names. And Droid 1 was born, along with other early Android Moto like Flipout or Droid XT720, as proof of a co-operative relationship of big guys in the mobile lane at the time: Motorola's father for hardware, Mother Google for software, and Verizon's nanny worry about mobile telecommunications distribution … After all, Droid / Milestone is an expectation of a perfect phone, luxurious in design, unique in terms of computer ability, and robustness of applicability that these great men tried to create in the context of 10 years ago.

Tunnel form.

Oh my goodness! It was my feeling in 2009 when I first got it on my hands. As a phone that marks a feature that later on all the Droid phones inherits, the Droid 1 pops up in the mobile village at the time with its modern and elegant features that are wild, square and sharp. but still abstinence … I probably used all the most suitable words to describe her!

Also the 3.7-inch 480 * 854 screen, also a rugged Motorola logo, is also a velvet and rubber back cover that gives a comfortable and convenient feel, but when placed next to Droid 2, I always feel Milestone 1 is better than a level even though I'm a senior. Obviously, it was more sturdy, giving a "razor" feel (the term Rarz used by Moto to talk about thinness and cold steel), and the American substance also exuded a more tense form. hold in your hands if you count with your successor.

In particular, I like the Droid keyboard 1 more than Droid 2, not the convenience (because of the unreasonable key layout and the navigation is too big to occupy the operating space) but the unique and seamless taste of the layout. The qwerty key system is straightened, dotted with a gold key navigation block … All create a unique physical keyboard in the mobile lane history.
Content contented three dots next to a fledgling Android Soul.

Bring in a single 550 Mhz chip, 256 MB Ram and 512 MB of internal memory (support 16 GB memory card), Droid 1 is a monster at that time when compared to the rest of the world Android and including the iPhone 3GS in terms of hardware. However, that is not enough for the Droid to be able to do office tasks at that time. Experiencing in 2009-2010 when I used the Droid as multitasking lag, website loading time was long and easy to knock back, or installing adobe flash for reading dynamic content online is also a thing. too much for him. We can sympathize because this time, Android devices are not optimized for hardware synchronization – the software is as good as it is today, so the lag of Droid 1 is an easy explanation. The device was installed with 2.0 Eclair operating system at the time of launch and upgraded to 2.2. Last time Froyo, in 2011, we can see that Android has gone a long way over the years and the day-to-day perfection of this operating system is really commendable.
And what's left of Motorola Droid until today?

What they say! The feeling of Droid 1 is still the same as when I was a student, his eyes shone when he was holding him on his hands for the first time … July 16, 2019 (10 years after the launch of Droid), the device still run well and lie in a very special corner on my desk …

Sitting on a beautiful private dock station, Droid 1 still did well the duties of an old man like setting an alarm, clock to see the time, weather, digital photo corner, etc., and present as one illustrating an era and era where mobile design is unique and disruptive, the era when people dare to do things that not everyone dares to do …

2019 summer day … looking back on a decade's journey …
Next period: Synthesis of 4 Droid brothers


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