18:16 “Military News” China sees moves!Overcome the Achilles’ heel

The U.S. Air Force will upgrade the MQ-9A Dead Man UAV's infinite communication and multi-domain combat system to overcome the

The U.S. Air Force will upgrade the MQ-9A Dead Man UAV’s infinite communication and multi-domain combat system to overcome the “not enough speed” and “not high maneuverability” problems, and make the fight against China more powerful. (Bloomberg)

2021/05/27 18:16

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The fight against China is more powerful! The U.S. MQ-9A “Reaper UAV” has become an “indicative fighter” for the US Air Force and special forces in counter-control operations. Because it triggers a laser to aim at the target, it can effectively stay in the air for a long time when performing strike missions. , Watching the target on the ground carefully, but its lack of speed and maneuverability has always been fatal. The US military plans to update the “Infinite Communication System” to increase its combat power.

According to the American magazine Forbes, the “MQ-9A Reaper Drone” is a “anti-terrorism weapon” that the United States relies heavily on, but it has been unable to overcome the problems of “not enough speed” and “not high maneuverability”, making it ineffective. It works with modern air defense systems, but the U.S. military has no plans to decommission it, but instead updates its “unlimited communication system.”

The report pointed out that the new electronic “infinite communication system” can overcome the biggest weakness of traditional drones. “MQ-9A” will transform into a “mobile battleship” with the same level of mobility as ordinary fighters, greatly improving its survivability. , It can also be transformed into a small, sacrificial drone and airborne ammunition mothership.

The report mentioned that the US Air Force has also made improvements to the “MQ-9A” multi-domain operation system (Multi-Domain Operation), which will effectively improve the “anti-interference” and improve the ability to distinguish enemy aircraft; the manufacture of the Reaper UAV The company “General Atomics Aeronautical Systems” has also developed a new airborne radar communication system that uses fiber optic cables to provide uninterrupted and searchable communication functions.

The report also said that the U.S. Air Force is currently conducting exercises on the “MQ-9A” to be upgraded. During the “Agile Reaper” exercise, which is most likely to be the enemy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, in April, the secret service personnel who provided frontline bases were meticulous and careful. Abundant air force support. In addition, the U.S. Navy also allows the “MQ-9B” of the “MQ-9A” series with powerful reconnaissance capabilities to cooperate with the “USS Princeton Cruise Ship” to simulate killing operations.

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