180 congressmen proposed impeachment of Mr. Trump

180 congressmen proposed impeachment of Mr. Trump

Reuters on 10/1 quoted US Congressman Ted Lieu as saying that about 180 US congressmen will jointly sign in the impeachment proposal of President Donald Trump, after his supporters flooded the US Congress building.

According to Mr. Lieu, the above proposal will be presented to the US House of Representatives on January 11.

“We have 180 co-authors for the Impeachment Act by @davidcicilline Rep. @RepRaskin me and the US House Judiciary Committee staff. We will publish this Impeachment Act on November 11th. / 1 in the pro forma session of the House of Representatives, “wrote Mr. Lieu.

Mr. Lieu is a Democrat who actively participated in the US House of Representatives’ impeachment attempt on President Trump in December 2019. This attempt subsequently failed in the Senate.

180 statements leading to the death of Trump
The White House on the evening of January 8. Photo: NYT

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has threatened to impeach Trump unless he resigns “immediately” for provoking a mob attack on the Capitol during the week. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski became the first Republican senator to support Pelosi’s statement.

Trump’s term is less than 2 weeks away, so the impeachment period will be very tight.

However, the Constitution allows House lawmakers to make allegations and directly conduct a floor debate and vote for a few days, triggering a possible Senate trial even after. Mr. Trump left office. If he is found guilty, the Senate could vote to ban him from holding office again.

Currently, Twitter’s move to permanently suspend Twitter accounts “due to the risk of continuing to incite violence” has effectively affected his favorite method of communicating with the public, even if he retains power as commander-in-chief. Facebook and other digital platforms have also restricted Mr. Trump’s access.

Trump regretted admitting his victory over Joe Biden?

The New York Times quoted sources familiar with information on 9/1 said, backstage, President Trump felt “regret” for posting a video admitting Mr. Joe Biden would become the next president of the United States. In addition, he also said he would “not resign”.

It is not clear what Trump meant by mentioning “not resigning”, but this could be his response to the current Democratic effort to impeach and remove the head of government “immediately. instantly”.

On the evening of January 7, Mr. Trump posted on Twitter a video admitting Mr. Biden’s victory shortly after the congress officially confirmed the Democratic candidate to elect the president with 306 electoral votes.

In the video, he said: “Congress has confirmed the outcome, the new administration will take office on January 20. My focus now is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition of power. shall”.

Mr. Trump also added: “Serving as your president is an honor of my life. And with my great supporters, I know you are disappointed, but I want you too. know that our wonderful journey is only just beginning. “

Soon after the announcement, Trump announced he would not attend Mr. Biden’s inauguration, marking the first time in about 150 years that a president did not attend the inauguration of his successor.



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