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17:35 A guilty conscience?”NHK” retrospective report on the anniversary of Li Wenliang’s death was interrupted by China


On the first anniversary of the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the

On the first anniversary of the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the “whistleblower” of Wuhan pneumonia, the Japanese Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported on Li Wenliang in a news program on the 7th, but the news was interrupted by China. The picture shows the memorial ceremony for Li Wenliang held by the University of California, Los Angeles after his death. (AFP information photo)

2021/02/08 17:35

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]”Whistleblower” in Wuhan, China (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19), Li Wenliang, a physician from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, died on the 6th of this month. Many Chinese people posted messages on the Internet to cherish memory. The government was quiet, and the Chinese media had almost no relevant reports. When the Japanese media “NHK” reviewed Li Wenliang in a news program on the 7th, it was interrupted in China. The Japanese media believed that the Chinese government was dissatisfied with the outside world regarding Li Wenliang as a “hero”, which touched the sensitive nerves of the authorities.

On the evening of the 7th, Japan Broadcasting Association “NHK” reported that Li Wenliang’s first anniversary of his death was reported in a news program broadcast abroad on the evening of the 7th, but was interrupted by China for several minutes. The screen showed “abnormal signal”; the content was interrupted At that time, Li Wenliang called for raising vigilance against unknown pneumonia as soon as possible, but he was disciplined by the Chinese government.

The “NHK” report also mentioned that there are almost no reports of Li Wenliang as a “whistleblower” of the epidemic in China. This shows that the Chinese government is straining and trying to avoid the recurrence of criticisms of the Chinese government’s slow response in the early stages of the epidemic.

In response to the “NHK” retrospective report that Li Wenliang was interrupted by China, the “Sankei Shimbun” analyzed that the Chinese government’s claim to successfully prevent the spread of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic should be attributed to the guidance of the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, the outside world regards Li Wenliang as a “hero” in epidemic prevention. , As if touching the sensitive nerves of the authorities.

The “Sankei Shimbun” also mentioned that the Chinese state media did not mention any news related to Li Wenliang in yesterday’s report. However, there have been many articles on the Chinese Internet that wrote a sentence Li Wenliang said before his death: There shouldn’t be only one voice in our society.”

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