16:29 Military New Knowledge” Ultra-high-speed helicopter US Army next-generation assault aircraft exposed

The future long-range assault vehicle

The future long-range assault vehicle “Defiant-X” jointly developed by “Sikorsky” and Boeing has been exposed recently. (The picture is taken from Sekowski)

2021/01/26 16:29

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]The future long-range assault vehicle “Defiant-X” jointly developed by Lockheed Martin’s subsidiary “Sikorsky” and Boeing has been exposed recently, claiming to be It is the fastest, most maneuverable, and most survivable assault helicopter in history.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the U.S. Army is currently planning to select a future long-range assault aircraft (FLRAA) to replace the current Black Hawk helicopter. Cykowski and Boeing are bidding for the case and jointly develop the latest assault helicopter “Dreadnought X”. The use of coaxial twin rotors and rear-mounted tail rotor propellers can eliminate the risk of backward stalls and uneven lift at high speeds of single-rotor helicopters. In low-speed flight, the coaxial rotors keep the body good maneuverability.

“Fearless X” is claimed to be 185 kilometers per hour faster than traditional helicopters, with a 60% increase in range, and 50% increase in hover-stop dynamics. It has the same floor space as the “Black Hawk”, the same short-range formation flying, and Minimal changes in current tactics, technology, training or infrastructure to provide new assault aircraft.

The “Fearless X” is currently being tested in a digital combat environment, and the FLRAA contract is expected to complete the bidding in 2022. If the “Fearless X” is successfully favored, it is expected to enter service around 2035.

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