16 years ago, who noticed the little girl with an umbrella behind Liu Yifei, now it's a mess

16 years ago, who noticed the little girl with an umbrella behind Liu Yifei, now it’s a mess

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No matter when, don’t underestimate everyone around you. Maybe they will surpass you in the future. It will not be difficult to develop in the entertainment circle. Many celebrities have served as small supporting actors, instrumentalists, etc. before they became famous.

The same is true for the little girl who used to hold an umbrella for Liu Yifei. Later, with her own efforts, she became a mess, not only became a popular actress, but also founded her own company.

Liu Yifei

When Liu Yifei was 8 years old, she signed up to participate in the children’s clothing model contest, and stood out from more than 1,800 children, and she liked the championship.

Because of this outstanding performance, he was exceptionally admitted to the Beijing Film Academy when he was 15 years old. In the same year, he was invited to participate in commercials and stepped into the performing arts circle with the TV series “The Family of Gold Fans”.

Because she played the role of “Bai Xiuzhu” in the play, she became a goddess in the hearts of everyone, and there are countless idols and suitors behind her.

The following year, he was appreciated by the producer Zhang Jizhong and starred in the role of “Tang Yuyan” in the CCTV version of “Tianlong Ba Bu”, and was named “Sister of the Immortals” for this reason.

After the hit drama “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, “Four Famous Catch”, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, “The King of Kung Fu”, “Three Lives III and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom”, “Night Peacock”, etc Wonderful performance.

As a result, she succeeded in becoming one of the top actresses and became one of the audience’s favorite actresses. 16 years ago, a photo of her when she was filming on the crew was also exposed.

Due to the weather, she had to use an umbrella to block the sun, and the little girl behind her with an umbrella also made a lot of achievements like her.

This little girl may not be very eye-catching at the time, and our eyes are all on the protagonist Liu Yifei. After a closer look, we know that this little girl is officially the big star Yang Mi who is now a mess!

Little girl with umbrella

Although Yang Mi was a child star debut, she did not become popular at the time. She was just a small actor. Because she was a very good friend with Liu Yifei in the crew, she often stayed together.

When leaving the country, the two were busy with their own affairs, and then they discussed the script together. In this TV series “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, Liu Yifei is the starring “Little Dragon Girl” and Yang Mi is the supporting role “Guo Xiang”.

And Yang Mi also emerged after the show and became a popular actress. After that, she was still working hard, shining with her own light.

Later, she was recognized by more people by virtue of her own strength. Her works include “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, “Beauty Scheming”, “Little Era”, “Why Xiaoshengmo”, “Negotiator”, etc. .

Over the years, she has been working hard for many years and has won recognition from the audience with her superb acting skills. She has stood at the pinnacle of her acting career, and has successfully entered the ranks of first-line actresses just like Liu Yifei.

Based on the show business circle, she also founded her own studio and signed many artists, including Di Lieba, Gao Weiguang, Zhang Yunlong and others.

Under Yang Mi’s discovery and support, they also became popular movie stars with their own efforts. It is said that Yang Mi not only has a successful career, but also helped his artists to become popular.

Perhaps the experience is richer and the sense of experience is stronger, so I not only have a good eye for seeing people, but also have the foresight to help artists become popular!

Such a strong woman is also the envy of everyone, who every girl wants to be! Although the road to success is full of hardships, it feels very worthwhile to see my achievements!

Write at the end

It is not difficult to become a strong woman like Liu Yifei and Yang Mi. What is difficult is the persistence and innovation on the road to success, and the continuous improvement of oneself!

Only by doing this, the door to success will be opened for us! It may be a hard journey, requiring a lot of sweat and failure to accumulate, but the joy of success will also await us!


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