The 16 year old girl who was born in the early morning in the heart of the distant world 1

16-year-old virgin forced into sex slavery in the death camp of Nazi Germany

When captured in Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, 16-year-old beauty of Cilka Klein made a captivating camp commander and made me his own sex slave.

According to The Sun, the traumatic story of a 16-year-old virgin who was forced into sex slavery in the little-known Nazi death camp is recounted in a book Cilka's Journey (Cilka's Journey). written by writer Heather Morris.

Cilka Klein is a beautiful girl, pure but has a painful fate.

Accordingly, Cilka was a beautiful, pure young girl who was taken to the Nazchwitz-Birkenau concentration camp of Nazi Germany. The beauty of the beautiful girl made the camp commander passionate.

Cilka – still a virgin has been raped by the camp commander many times, forcing to serve his own bizarre sexual needs. He kept her separate from other prisoners, fed more nicely and wore warmer clothing than the other prisoners.

However, those incentives were for Cilka to be able to serve the camp commander. When the concentration camp was liberated in January 1945, Cilka was captured by the Russians and sent to Vorkuta, a harsh prison camp in Siberia, for allegedly collaborating with the Nazis.

Young Cilka continued to serve 10 years in prison and experienced many bitterness. In prison she continued to be sexually abused.

After being released in 1958, Cilka, renamed Cecilia, returned to Czechoslovakia. Fortunately, she found the love of her life with Ivan Kovac.

For the rest of her life, until her death in 2004, Cilka lived quietly in Kosice and rarely talked about the suffering she suffered.

Her story later became the inspiration for the recently released novel Cilka's Journey by writer Heather Morris.

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