15:21 The critic Wang Yajun who offends Hu Xijin is blocked by China’s entire network

Hu Xijin encouraged

Hu Xijin encouraged “to die for the country,” and Wang Yajun, a well-known Chinese current critic, bet that Hu Xijin would not dare to return his son to the battlefield with “three months’ wages.” Hu Xijin became angry and embarrassed. (webpage Screenshot)

2021/02/26 15:21

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]When Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, the hawkish mouthpiece of the CCP, recently forwarded the video of Qi Fabao, the head of the People’s Liberation Army who was injured in the Sino-Indian conflict last year, calling out to the Indian army, he said, “Men should die like these border soldiers. “. Chinese independent critic Wang Yajun (Wang Waizui) bet that Hu Xijin would not let his precious son return to the battlefield with three months’ wages. Hu Xijin became angry and criticized Wang Yajun for “not as good as an eunuch.” Wang Yajun revealed that he has been blocked by the entire network in China!

Wang Yajun posted a message on Twitter on February 25, saying: “The end of provoking the Queen’s gripper (Hu Xijin)… is to be killed in the domestic local area network (Internet), and the number is lost.” A post was also posted. Screenshot of WeChat “Account Permanently Blocked”.

The screenshot shows “The content of the violation is: “Wang Weizui: Teacher Hu Xijin, you have misunderstood, please listen to my explanation!”

Then, Wang Yajun posted a speech video on his YouTube account (click here for Wang Yajun’s video), claiming that his WeChat public account, Toutiao, Douyin, and Kuaishou were blocked by the entire network for offending Hu Xijin!

Wang Yajun wrote several articles last year concerned about the Wuhan epidemic and was detained by the Chinese police for 10 days. He said on Twitter on the 20th: “Ms. Hu Xijin spoke passionately. I firmly support Ms. Hu Xijin’s initiative and express my opinion. If Hu Xijin’s son goes to the battlefield after graduation from abroad, I will donate 3 months’ salary. !”

These remarks made Hu Xijin rationally disconnected and posted a reply to Wang Yajun on Weibo: “You are also worthy to say Lao Hu? Lao Hu has been in the army for 11 years. After working as a reporter, he experienced two wars and heard bullets whizzing past his ears. Tweeted. You are not as bloody as an eunuch, but you want to prove that you are a noble snob!”

Hu Xijin’s anger-barred king runner-up has aroused heated discussions on the Internet, and many publicly support Wang Yajun: “Old Hu was stunned (criticized, choking), and finally revealed his true identity. He is a eunuch and a villain. This is the quality. Someone fills up the gun: “You have more than one son, don’t you also have some illegitimate children with female subordinates, you have so many children, what a glorious thing the motherland needs to send to the army!”

In October last year, Hu Xijin was kicked off his son to immigrate to Canada. In December of the same year, Hu Xijin was reported in real name by Duan Jingtao, deputy editor-in-chief of the Global Times, stating that he “has improper sexual relations with two female subordinates and each had an illegitimate child.”

Wang Yajun’s latest article caused him to be permanently blocked, and the news also sparked heated discussion on Twitter.

Some netizens responded, “This slapstick can be done even with the real-name report of the deputy, and it is not a trivial matter to block you.” “Not only does it gnaw bones, but sometimes bites people when you are anxious.” “This kind of slapstick is a pet in front of the owner. A dog is a mad dog in front of the people.”

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