15 songs including BTS V's own song'Snow Flower' were listed..'Kim Tae-hyung's Music World' with a healing sensibility

15 songs including BTS V’s own song’Snow Flower’ were listed..’Kim Tae-hyung’s Music World’ with a healing sensibility

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Bulletproof Boy Scouts V (BTS V) / Photo = Star News

As BTS’s own song’Snow Flower’ was registered in the Korea Music Copyright Association, V wrote 15 songs and was named as the composer.

V started with’OUTRO’ from his 2013 debut album,’Catch Me’,’RUN’,’Stigma’,’Nessie’,’Landscape’,’Winter Bear’,’Inner Child’,’Sweet Night’, ‘ From’IN THE SOOP’,’Blue & Gray’ and’Snow Flower’, he is shining light as a singer-songwriter by building his skills step by step.

V is building a unique world of music that is differentiated from the moment he listens by gradually expressing his sensibility by changing colors while being in harmony with the music of BTS at the beginning of his song work.

The songs V’s pursuit of music unfolds at V’s pace contain a message of consoling and wishing for happiness while sharing pain together.

15 songs including BTS V’s own song’Snow Flower’ were listed..’Kim Tae-hyung’s Music World’ with a healing sensibility

V’s own songs such as’Nessie’,’Landscape’,’Winter Bear’,’Sweet Night’,’Blue & Gray’, and’Snow Flower’ are based on nature such as the moon, dawn, and snow, and flowers, angels, blue birds, warmth The narrative of salvation is sung in a language containing healing sensibility symbolized by, good night, etc.

V enjoys the technique of enriching the song by adding sound effects such as the sound of the train tracks, the sound of stepping on the snow, the sound of the heart beating, the sound of the shutter of a film camera, and the sound of birds flying.

In addition, when working on songs, it has been revealed that he gets inspiration from various films such as Love Letter, About Time, Can’t Be Better than this, and Titanic. It can be said that it is in line with this that the music video for’Winter Bear’, which V shot by himself, was evaluated for its musical sensitivity to be well expressed in cinematic techniques.

Songs born from this sensibility often appear as background music in documentaries and entertainment programs, even songs that are not official sound sources.

V’s own songs received an explosive response, and’Sweet Night’ was ranked 1st on iTunes in 117 countries, Spotify ‘2020 Wrapped’ drama OST category 1st, APAN Best OST Award,’Blue & Gray’ was UK Independent, Metro, NME , Time Magazine, and Genius praised it, and’Snow Flower’ was recently covered by Soprano Jo Soo-mi and garnered a lot of attention.

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