15 selected free Capture Image programs

15 selected free Capture Image programs

Screeny is an innovative, integrated image capture option. Thanks to the seamless collaboration with MS Office, it fits perfectly into your office environment. Decide for yourself what should be included in your settings. All settings are saved in profiles that you can customize to your requirements. Change existing profiles to suit your needs or create a new, fully customized one with your own settings. You can create your own macros profile, and customize it. The table allows you to take a snapshot of the desktop, and utilize it as the editor.

The snapshot can then be saved as graphics, including notes, texts, etc. Fill in your images in the integrated graphics editor, add objects such as arrows, lines, symbols, numbers, and other objects incredibly easy to record your voice to emphasize eg. areas, professional results easily!


Lightscreen is a simple tool to automate the tedious process of storing and recording screenshots that works as a hidden background process that is activated with one (or multiple) access keys and then saves a screenshot to the disc as per the user’s preferences.


SnapaShot is the easiest and probably the fastest way to capture snapshots from your computer screen. You do not need to install it, just download the portable file and use it. You can crop snapshots of any web sites, photos and videos online. SnapaShot stores snapshots in 5 different graphic formats.


Do you want to create a screenshot suitable for saving or printing? You will just need to download this program. You can select screenshots for the entire screen or for specific fields, and of course you can specify whether you want to do this with the mouse or set a key.


Screenpresso is a new lightweight screen capture tool with an integrated image processor, user guide generator and sharing options. Records your desktop (screenshots and high definition videos) for your educational documents, presentations, collaborative design work, bug reports and more.


StyleCapture is a free, simple, intuitive screen saver that lets you easily capture everything on your computer screen including windows, or full screen. You can then paste the image file into a document message, e-mail, another file.


Sniptool is a new, free program for Windows users who are interested in a simple image capture tool. In addition to its small size, it includes image processing capabilities that we have captured and requires no installation.


Nimbus Screenshot is a Professional Specification Capture application that can record video or image of the entire browser window or a selected part of it. At the same time, you can edit your images and add different patterns, text, arrows, etc., or remove portions of your screenshot, and resize them. Easy-to-use sharing feature lets you send screenshots to friends, students, colleagues, etc.


Shotty is an application for taking pictures from your computer screen (screenshots). Unlike other applications it provides various functions that are useful for modifying the screenshot taken.

You can automatically change the color of Aero Glass during the screenshot, for example, and obtain images that are not dependent on your system settings. It also includes a built-in image editor and allows you to modify the screen shot taken. You can crop the image, roll out an area to make the text unreadable, mark text as with a marker, or draw rectangles.

Of course you can also add text to your screenshot. Just press the access key (the default is [Ctrl] + [Print]) and Shotty takes a screenshot of the active application. Click the Shotty icon on your taskbar. Right-click you can configure Shotty, with left-click you can choose what to capture.


It is a free home and office image capture and editing application, a very simple screenshot tool that supports various capture and editing functions and is compatible with Windows XP until Windows 7, 8, 10 version. Among other things it supports 20+ image formats (png, jpg, gif, tif, psd, pdf, hdp, etc.) and dual screens.


Greenshot is a very good and simple screenshot solution for Windows with features such as quickly creating screenshots of a selected area, in a window or in full screen, the ability to capture even full (scroll) web pages from Internet Explorer, the ability to comment, highlight or blacken areas of the screenshot. Finally, you can save the screenshot in a variety of ways such as saving it to your computer as a file, printing it, copying it to the clipboard, emailing it, uploading it to sites like Flickr or Picasa, and more.


Capture Screen is a simple and small software that will help you take screenshots of your Windows desktop. Just click on the systray camera icon or press CTRL + F12 and a transparent green window will appear. It allows you to take a snapshot of any part of the screen. Use the mouse (or keyboard) to move the window and resize it, then click on the camera image to automatically save the area under the window. Snapshots can be saved to the clipboard on disk (png or jpg format).

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