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14:54 China’s Spring Festival strengthens control over online speech and Internet acid: fake tricks, tired of watching


China has recently announced the

China has recently announced the “Clearness and Chinese New Year Internet Environment” project, which vigorously rectifies all kinds of information on the Internet, which has triggered mixed comments from Chinese netizens. (European News Agency)

2021/02/08 14:54

[Real-time News/Comprehensive Report]In order to strengthen the censorship of online speech during the Spring Festival, the China Cyberspace Administration of China recently announced again that it will launch a one-month “Clear and Bright Internet Environment” project to rectify all kinds of online information. This action caused Chinese netizens to be sour: “The thunder is heavy and the rain is small, just talk about fake tricks.”

According to Chinese media reports, the China Cyberspace Administration of China launched the “Clear Spring Festival Network Environment” project, claiming to target portals, search engines, browsing navigation, pop-up advertisements, information recommendations, life services, social platforms, community forums, and live broadcasts. Platforms such as and short videos have strengthened control over pornography, violence, gambling, and vulgar information, and also expressed that they will vigorously eliminate fake news that affects people’s lives.

The report also mentioned that the China Cyberspace Administration of China will impose stricter regulations on Internet celebrity live broadcasters, guide their words and deeds to conform to mainstream Chinese values, and will step up efforts to clean up malicious hype, out of context, and piece together false information that is reproduced, focusing on Deal with bad online social behaviors and violence, and crack down on youth buying fans to control comments and online bullying.

In this regard, Chinese netizens have been sour and have said: “The thunder is heavy and the rain is small. Just talk about fake tricks”, “Let’s do some practical actions”, “Just talk and don’t do it. I’m tired of watching it.” “Duck Goose Rabbit marketing account can be managed when you can manage”, “reject online violence, hoping to be effective, rather than on paper.”

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