13:26 Slap on the face and waist? Chinese transgender internet celebrities hit the nail on the head, “I just can’t give birth”

Shi Yaxin, a Chinese transgender internet celebrity, shared her mental journey on a Youtube video and said that she

Shi Yaxin, a Chinese transgender internet celebrity, shared her mental journey on a Youtube video and said that she “has no uterus and menstruation, just can’t give birth.” (The picture is taken from yayashiyaxin personal IG)

2021/02/26 13:26

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The Internet celebrity’s claim that she is pregnant has caused a lot of trouble. A few days ago, Shi Yaxin, a transgender internet celebrity in China, shared in a YouTube video how she went home during the New Year to deal with “embarrassing questions” from unreasonable relatives and friends. I was discriminated against because of my gender temperament. Although I had completed the “gender reassignment operation”, I still had no uterus and menstruation, and would not conceive.

Chinese internet celebrity Shi Yaxin is 32 years old and was born in Guangdong, China. Since childhood, she has known her gender as a girl. Because of her “feminine feminine temperament”, she has suffered from traditional family social values ​​and discrimination by others. She underwent “gender reassignment surgery” in 2015. “Become a real woman in the legal sense and won the International Queen’s Championship in 2019.

Shi Yaxin shared in a Youtube video on the 24th. When returning home during the Chinese New Year, she will always encounter “embarrassing questions” from unreasonable relatives and friends, such as the most basic basic questions about school, grades, work, buying a house, car, and romance. Asked about sour speech stabbings such as “Why is your behavior so feminine?” “Can you not be so feminine?”

Shi Yaxin said that after the gender reassignment surgery, her mother “come out” to relatives and friends for her, which made it easier for her to get along with relatives and friends. She also said: “I don’t have a uterus and do not have menstruation. Science and technology are not so advanced, so the doctors can only make me look like ordinary girls, but I can’t have children.”

In this regard, netizens said: “Yaxin’s mother is really her strongest backing”, “Beauty with a correct and optimistic concept, support you to be yourself”, “It’s too hard for gay men to find a partner, and you can also give birth to yourself.” Don’t give birth to children”, “When medical technology matures, I hope that the uterus can be completely transplanted”, “What is the condition of the net red’s waistline?”

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