13:14 Discussing “Little Bear” Typhoon is too sensitive!Chinese netizens replaced it with “小㷱” and “小能”

In order to avoid censorship, Chinese netizens could not directly discuss the

In order to avoid censorship, Chinese netizens could not directly discuss the “Little Bear” typhoon. They could only discuss it under the names “Xiao” and “Xiao Neng”. (The picture is taken from Baidu “Typhoon Bar”)

2021/06/13 13:14

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]This year’s No. 4 typhoon “Koguma” (Koguma, provided by Japan, meaning Little Bear constellation) was generated in the western coast of Hainan Island yesterday (12th). Unexpectedly, Chinese netizens could not directly avoid being censored. When discussing the “Xiaoxiong” typhoon, it can only be discussed under the names “Xiao” and “Xiao Neng”.

The typhoon “Little Bear” was generated yesterday. Its name was provided by Japan, meaning the little Bear constellation. It has landed in Vietnam this morning. The center position in the morning is 19.7 degrees north latitude and 105.7 degrees east longitude, which is 150 kilometers south of Hanoi, at 15 per hour. The speed of kilometers, going northwest and west, is damaged by land, and is about to weaken into a tropical depression.

Unexpectedly, this short-lived “Little Bear” typhoon caused Chinese netizens to discuss about typhoons. Baidu “Typhoon Bar” was a platform for many Chinese netizens to discuss typhoons. After the “Little Bear” typhoon was generated, the platform used the name “Xiao 㷱” typhoon. Let’s discuss and ask netizens to “I suggest you use KOGUMA or Xiaoneng or Xiaoyue or Typhoon No. 4 in this post to replace the typhoon name, otherwise you will not be responsible for the deletion.” , Avoid calling the Chinese name of Typhoon No. 2104 directly. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.”

Related regulations triggered heated discussions among netizens. Many people asked what the reason was. Some netizens were criticized for “reasons that cannot be said”, “sensitive words”, and “someone looks like Xiaoneng Weimu”, and they were criticized “I feel that this typhoon has become like Voldemort.” , Can’t even tell the name.”

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