13:09 U.S. presidential election, China becomes an important issue, foreign media take stock of the strategies of the two major parties towards China

The current US President Trump (left) and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden (right).  (Associated Press)

The current US President Trump (left) and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden (right). (Associated Press)

2020/08/27 13:09

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Since President Trump took office, he has continuously increased his confrontation with China. US Secretary of State Pompeo has also repeatedly spoken and criticized China. Facing the presidential election, foreign media have counted the Republican and Democratic Party’s views on China. Policy, the Republican Party specializes in the economic aspect, while the Democratic Party advocates cooperation with international alliances to prevent the CCP from benefiting.

According to the analysis of “BBC Chinese Network”, as far as the Republican Party is concerned, the Trump camp’s second-term policy agenda includes “end reliance on China”, transfer 1 million manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and provide taxation for companies With preferential treatment, companies purchasing from China will not be able to obtain contracts from the federal government and require China to take full responsibility for the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic.

As for the Democratic Party, the party platform mentioned the need to take action against China’s theft of American intellectual property rights, demand that China stop espionage against American companies, cooperate with international alliances against China’s outsourcing of pollution, negotiate new arms control agreements, and condemn China. Violating the human rights of the Uighurs, the coalition of allies against China with more than half of the world’s economic capacity. The Democratic Party believes that China’s challenges are not primarily military, but they will still respond to China’s threats.

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