1300 people responded to the red envelope in the Gengzi year-united daily

(Xinhua News Agency, Miri, 18th) In line with the arrival of the Gengzi Rat Year, the “Gengzi Year Red Envelope” road running event organized by the Miri Running Club was successfully held tonight in Miri’s new landmark Marina City Garden Times Square 1300 people participated in the festival, and the scene was lively.

1300 people dressed in red gathered in Times Square to form a red sea.

This activity was also co-organized by the Youth Stuart Natin Branch, and also participated in the fellow ethnic compatriots of different races, different religions, different cultures and different ages, laying the cornerstone of Sarawak ’s national unity. Datuk Lee King Seng, Minister of Transport of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was invited to attend the launching ceremony and lucky draw for the “red envelope”.

In his speech, Li Jingsheng hoped that the “red envelope” road running event could become a road running event specially held on the eve of the Spring Festival in Miri.

He looks forward to using the activities to attract more foreigners to come to Miri, and to participate in the Red Envelope Road Race, he will also come to Miri for the Chinese New Year.

He disclosed that many people would choose to go abroad or go on holiday during the Spring Festival, and he hoped that Miri could host more various activities and attract more foreigners to come to Miri so that everyone could benefit from the tourism economy.

The “Gengzi Nianhongbaoxing” road running activity was popular with men and women of all ethnic groups.
Children join the “Red Envelopes” and feel the coming of the Spring Festival.
The “Red Envelope” has the participation of compatriots of all races of different races, religions and cultures.
Zumba warming up.
The “Red Envelopes” attracted the participation of many friends and compatriots.

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