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12:53 A female army enlisted in the army was sexually assaulted by an officer and was tragically raped by a group of colleagues

American girls dream of joining the army, but happy to join the army, they are sexually assaulted by officers and ravaged by a group of colleagues. Schematic.  (Associated Press)

American girls dream of joining the army, but happy to join the army, they are sexually assaulted by officers and ravaged by a group of colleagues. Schematic. (Associated Press)

2020/11/21 12:53

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]In order to combat illegal sexual assaults in the military, the US Department of Defense formulated a “zero tolerance” program 15 years ago. It spends hundreds of millions of dollars just to prevent mishaps from happening again. However, there are Foreign media reported that according to their one-and-a-half-year investigation, it was found that the problem had not been resolved, and even some girls had nowhere to complain after being sexually assaulted in the army. It is distressing to be on the dead end.

According to the “CBS” report, during the investigation, they found that the problem of sexual assault in the military had not been resolved. The families of the victims all accused that the military handled the sexual assault case very inappropriately. One victim’s mother Debbie ( Debbie Robinson said with grief that her daughter Morgan wanted to serve the country in the army since she was a child. She was happily enlisted in the army at the age of 21. He was sent to Kuwait for a mission six years later, but it was the beginning of a nightmare. “When she was in Kuwait At the time, she was sexually assaulted by a boss and was constantly harassed.” But after she reported the incident to other bosses, there was no response.

The report mentioned that Morgan was sent to Afghanistan in the end, but was again sexually assaulted by a group of colleagues there. He was too scared to speak out. “On the one hand, she was threatened, and on the other hand, she knew she hadn’t said anything. Yes, what happened in Kuwait has already told her the result.” Ironically, at this time, James Mattis, the Minister of Defense, publicly stated that the tolerance for sexual assault is zero and that “the casualties on the battlefield cannot be avoided, but We would not accept any casualties if we were violated in the extended family of our army.” Four months later, Morgan went to ruin.

The report pointed out that the Army subsequently launched an investigation into Morgan’s death and gave Debbie a vague death report, “I don’t understand how they could stand there, look in my eyes, and then hand it to me.” Morgan died 8 Months later, Debbie wrote a letter of condemnation to the officer who sexually assaulted her daughter, “If I were a commander, if I had children, and if this happened to your daughter or son, how would you like the matter to be resolved? “It doesn’t matter”? You also want to get justice”, “She joined the army for the country, loves her job, but was taken away from her soul.”

The report added that the Army has rejected CBS’ request for an interview, but said in a statement that they conducted a comprehensive investigation and took appropriate action against the perpetrators of the report.

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