12:19 The governor of New York accused of concealing the number of deaths in the nursing home caused a wave of resignation

New York Governor Cuomo was accused of concealing the true death toll of Wufei in the nursing home, and there were also calls for Gu Mo to step down.  (Reuters)

New York Governor Cuomo was accused of concealing the true death toll of Wufei in the nursing home, and there were also calls for Gu Mo to step down. (Reuters)

2021/02/13 12:19

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has spread. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was praised for his active epidemic prevention during the epidemic, but it has recently been reported that Gu Mo and high-level government officials cover up The actual number of people who died from the epidemic in the nursing homes in the state has triggered criticism from both parties, and there have also been voices demanding Gu Mo to step down.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the New York State Attorney General James (Letitia James) released a report at the end of January, pointing out that the Cumor government did not report the death toll in nursing homes, and estimated that about 50% of the deaths were underreported. According to preliminary data obtained by the Office of the Prosecutor General, many residents of nursing homes died after being transferred to hospitals for treatment, but these deaths were not counted in the total number of deaths in nursing homes.

The New York State Government also revised the death number under the order of the court. After the original 8,500 cases were revised, the number soared to nearly 15,000 deaths. According to reports, Melissa DeRosa, Gu Mo’s aide, also admitted to Democratic congressmen that New York did “freeze” the number of deaths in nursing homes because it was impossible to determine whether the next move would put the state government at a disadvantage. .

After the incident broke out, it caused dissatisfaction between the two parties, and there were also voices calling for Gu Mo to step down. 14 Democratic senators from New York State issued a joint statement on the 12th, calling for the abolition of Gu Mo’s emergency powers over the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic. The statement stated that Wuhan pneumonia has tested the limits of the state and the people, but it is clear that the governor is now granted an expanded emergency. Power no longer applies.

The chairman of the New York State Republican Committee, Nick Langworthy, angrily criticized Gu Mo for “abusing his power” and undermining trust in the governor’s office from all walks of life. Discussions on prosecution and impeachment must begin immediately. Democratic Senator Gounardes (Andrew Gounardes) tweeted criticism that this is “a betrayal of public trust.”

Since last spring, the news media, parliamentarians, and the public have repeatedly requested the Gumo government to provide data on the deaths of the residents of the nursing home. The then President Trump began to repost comments on Twitter in mid-August, criticizing Gu Mo’s treatment of Anyang. Response from the hospital. The judiciary gave the Gumo government 14 days on August 26 to provide relevant data.

De Rosa issued a statement on the 12th stating that the Cumo government temporarily shelved the request of the legislative unit to provide more detailed information on deaths in nursing homes while waiting for similar requests from the judiciary. The statement emphasized that the government’s response to the judiciary is comprehensive and transparent. At present, the authorities must devote all resources to responding to the second wave of the epidemic and the launch of vaccines, and added that the government is committed to becoming a better partner.

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