Hi: 12,000 Japanese are late for work because of a snail - Photo 1.
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12,000 Japanese people work late because of a snail

Japanese trains are often idealized for punctuality, even arriving and leaving the terminal a few dozen seconds late must apologize. It was the Japanese who were unbelievable, a slimy creature that crippled dozens of their trains an hour on May 30.

At 9:40 am in Kitakyushu City on Kyushu Island, the blackout happened on the Kagoshima Line. A total of 26 trains were affected, about 12,000 people working late for 1 hour.

Railroad workers immediately traced the source of the power outage and discovered that everything came from a power switch breaker for system maintenance.

Friendship: 12,000 Japanese people work late because of a snail - Photo 2.

Usually, the location of this breaker is very well protected, even the container is sealed to prevent insects or small animals from entering.

However, when opening the power switch on the Kagoshima Line between the Moji and Kokura stations, the JR staff suddenly found a naked snail dead. It is the cause of electric shock.

How did the snail get into a tight place like a bush? The secret lies in their magic body:

Ceiling slugs self-regulate the body to squeeze through the ball pen body

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