12 features of iOS 15 only for iPhones with A12 chip and above

12 features of iOS 15 only for iPhones with A12 chip and above

(Techz.vn) iPhone models using chips lower than A12 will not be able to get the following features after installing iOS 15.

Apple’s iOS 15 update could be one of the biggest changes in recent times. Although Apple claims to support iPhone 6S with A9 chip, there are features that iOS 15 only works with devices with A12 chip or higher as below.

Features only available on iPhone models with A12 chip and above

  • FaceTime spatial audio: This feature allows you to hear sounds as close as possible to real talking with reverberation and shows how close to far away the speaker is.
  • FaceTime font removal mode: You can blur the background during a FaceTime call to mask your surroundings or simply focus more on your subject.
  • Map: Features 3D maps with an intuitive navigation interface.
  • Live Text in the photo: This feature will automatically recognize letters and numbers in the image, and detect and classify the subject in the image and can be searched online.
  • Animations in the weather app: The images in the weather app show phenomena such as the sun, clouds and precipitation, etc.
  • Voice recognition: iOS 15 can receive voice recognition without a network connection;
  • Keys in the Wallet App: You can add house keys, hotel keys, office keys and car keys to your mobile phone.

iPhone 12’s unique features

In addition to the above features, there are some features that only the most advanced iPhone has as below

  • Panoramic photo: The iPhone 12 series panoramas have better geometric distortion. This will help capture moving subjects better and reduce image noise;
  • Advanced 5G connectivity: iPhone 12 with 5G connectivity can provide the most optimal experience when using wireless networks.
  • 5G takes precedence over WiFi: When the user’s WiFi network is slow, the iPhone 12 series can automatically switch to the 5G network.

As such, it can be seen that these features are also quite specific and not basic features of the iPhone. You can completely upgrade your old iPhone with iOS 15 without worrying about the above features.


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