11:48 “Military News” never seen before!Chinese military media reveals the design of “H-20”

The latest issue of China's official military monthly magazine

The latest issue of China’s official military monthly magazine “Modern Weapons” published in June this year directly and generously published the design sketches of the next generation “H-20”, which has never been seen before. (The picture is taken from Weibo)

2021/05/25 11:48

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The latest issue of the comprehensive military science and technology monthly magazine “Modern Weaponry” edited by the China Institute of Military Industrial Intelligence, which will be released in June, exclusively reveals the Chinese next-generation strategic bomber “Boom”. -20 (Xian H-20)” design sketch, pointed out that it will create a “Stealth (Stealth) flying wing” design, claiming to “strike the second island chain.”

According to “South China Morning Post”, the 506th issue of China’s official military monthly magazine “Modern Weapon” will be published in June 2021. For the first time, it has revealed 4 “new generation boom- The concept blueprint for the “20 Fighter” is quite an extraordinary move, because China has never revealed the design details of the “H-20” through the official media or military speech system, let alone the design drawings.

The report pointed out that according to the four revealed design drawings, the new-generation “H-20” is equipped with a weapon bay and 2 tail fins that can only be used for “full-angle” changes. In addition to the airborne radar at the front of the fuselage, the airborne The side is also equipped with invisible air inlets, and the whole aircraft is painted with Radar Absorption Materials. In addition, the aircraft is rumored to be built by the “Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group”.

The report mentioned that the new generation of “H-20” will also carry “traditional” and “armed” missiles, with a maximum take-off weight of more than 200 metric tons and a weapon carrying capacity of 45 tons. It will fly at subsonic speeds and will fly at subsonic speeds. It is expected to carry 4 powerful supersonic stealth cruise missiles (Hypersonic Stealth Cruise Missiles).

The report also said that fighter expert and Asia Pacific analyst Jon Grevatt said that China’s latest exposure of the new generation of “H-20” design sketches can prove that the design of the new fighter seems to focus on “long-distance flight” and “invisible”. “Reconnaissance operations” instead of “speed”, and because they have the ability to strike at long-range targets, they can “attack the second island chain” more effectively.

In the

In the “Modern Weapon” publication, four design drawings were released, detailing that the new “Boom-20” will be designed based on the performance considerations of “long-distance flight” and “stealth reconnaissance operations”. (The picture is taken from Weibo)

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