Leaking retail price of Galaxy Note 10 in Europe: $ 1,126 for the standard version, $ 1,296 for the Note 10 Plus version - Photo 1.

$ 1,126 for the standard version, $ 1,296 for the Note 10 Plus version

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are two of the most desirable devices of the second half of 2019, and they are being shaped like super smartphones with remarkable features and designs. However, their price is still a big question, but now it seems, we have a part thanks to the European market.

Reporter Roland Quandt of WinFuture site confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus will have a memory option starting from 256GB in Europe. Moreover, according to retailers, standard equipment will have a suggested price of 999 Euro (about 1,126 USD), while the Note 10 Plus version will be priced at 1,149 Euro (about 1,296 USD).

However, it is possible that Samsung's final price will change, while some other retailers will definitely have their own deals and prices. Anyway, it will give us some reference on the price of Galaxy Note 10 when this device landed in Europe. Prices between different regions will also vary due to taxes and other factors.

WinFuture emphasized that the Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB version was launched in Europe at a rate of 999 Euro, so it is likely that doubling the amount of memory on the standard Galaxy Note 10 will remain the same.

The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to have a self-punched selfie camera in the center of the screen, equipped with the Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855 depending on the market, and the S-Pen with Bluetooth connectivity. The recent rumors of leaks also show that this device will remove 3.5 mm headphone jack and dedicated Bixby keys will no longer appear on Samsung's latest flagship.

For the standard Galaxy Note 10 you will have a 6.4 inch screen while the Plus version will have a 6.7 inch screen. Different rumors also indicate that the larger battery capacity as well as the four rear cameras on the back of the Plus version (Galaxy Note 10 standard version will have 3 rear cameras).

Refer to Android Authority

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