11:25 Even neutral countries pay attention to China issues. Foreign media analyze the context behind Switzerland’s “China strategy”

The neutral country Switzerland released the

The neutral country Switzerland released the “China Strategy”, emphasizing human rights issues in China. (Reuters)

2021/03/25 11:25

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Recently, even the neutral country Switzerland released the “China Strategy” on the bar between China and Europe and the United States, emphasizing human rights issues in China. Foreign media analyzed this Swiss move.

“BBC Chinese Network” analyzes that Switzerland’s policy towards China is mainly based on three principles. They regard China as one of the key diplomatic countries, advocate the inclusion of China in a free international order, and interact with China in a balanced and coordinated manner. Switzerland He pointed out that the new China strategy is a response to the current geopolitical development, and that the US-China division is not in the interests of Switzerland.

As for why it was chosen to launch the China strategy at this point in time, Dr Ralph Weber, a scholar at the European Global Studies Center of the University of Basel in Switzerland, said that in fact, Switzerland has formulated a new China strategy for a long time, but recently the media and parliamentarians Putting pressure on and speeding up the process. Weber said that the recent increasing dictatorship of the Chinese Communist regime and external interference and oppression have indeed triggered discussions in Switzerland.

The report pointed out that Weber bluntly said that the relationship between Switzerland and China has been very good in the past. Today’s criticism of Switzerland may indicate the future practices of other European countries, but Switzerland will not be ahead of them.

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