Ovrebo, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Champions League
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11 years ago, referee Ovrebo sowed Chelsea for Barca before Barca in C1

This day 11 years ago, the match between Chelsea and Barcelona at Stamford Bridge was just over when Didier Drogba, drawn from 72 minutes, rushed to Tom Henning Ovrebo, pointed to the Norwegian referee and let go. manslaughter. The king in black After a moment of silence, he immediately issued a yellow card for the home side’s striker.

The action was like adding oil to a fire. Drogba swore louder and closer to “target”. His obscene words and actions were all captured on television at the time. Without the intervention of some Chelsea officials as well as security personnel, it is not known what could be wrong.

The Chelsea fans should have criticized the home team player for such actions. But no, if they can plunge into the field then they are willing to do more than what Drogba has shown to Ovrebo. It is easy to understand after the bitterness that Chelsea players and fans have suffered for 90 minutes.

Ovrebo, five times elected as the best referee in Norway, has committed an unforgivable crime when trying to force Chelsea to make them eliminated from the Champions League bitterly.

Before the second leg at Stamford Bridge, Barcelona and Chelsea drew 0-0 at the Camp Nou. The Blues were expected to go on thanks to their home field advantage and indeed they had a good start when Michael Essien gave the hosts the lead with a superb goal in the 9th minute. many opportunities but unfortunately and especially from the decisions of the referee Tom Henning Ovrebo.

The first was the situation in the 24th minute when Dani Alves pulled Florent Malouda into the box, but Ovrebo pointed to the free kick instead of a Chelsea penalty. There are opinions that Malouda has cleverly fallen in the penalty area, but keep in mind that this is a ‘technique’ in football and that every player will choose the same and that any referee will blow. penalty.

Ovrebo, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Champions League

Only two minutes later, Drogba rushed down to face Barca’s Valdes goalkeeper when he encountered the challenge of Eric Abidal. The French defender was almost helpless with the ‘Elephant Forest’ and had a series of illegal acts in football, and the Barca defender eventually had to pull the Chelsea player down just before Drogba tried to take a shot. But Ovrebo continued to shake his head with a penalty, and of course he ignored a penalty for Abidal.

It was not until 66 minutes that Abidal was kicked ‘off’ after Anelka’s fall. From here, the game almost tilted towards Chelsea



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