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11 fastest fish swimming in the world

The following fish species with slim body and special skin structure, have amazingly fast swimming speed.

1. Sailfish – 112km / h

Sailfish with a maximum speed of 112km / h is the fastest swimming fish in the world today. The fighter spreads all its fins as it hunts to look bigger and lures the fish in one spot. At that time, they used the tip of the sword to make the prey unconscious or seriously injured before eating.


2. Sailfish – 109km / h


Sailfish can swim at speeds up to 109km / h. Sailfish have a dorsal fin like a sail, they are blue or gray.

3. Striped Marlin – 80km / h

Striped Marlin Fish

The striped Marlin is dark blue from the head, on the backs and the belly is silver. Striped striped Marlin can swim at a maximum speed of 80km / h.

4. Mackerel Wahoo (Wahoo) – 78km / h

Mackerel Wahoo (Wahoo)

This fish is also known as another mackerel or tofu. They have a very long body, the longest can be up to 2.5m and weigh 83kg. Wahoo mackerel usually live offshore in tropical waters, at depths from 0 to 15m.

5. Bluefin tuna (Southern Bluefin Tuna) – 76km / h

Atlantic bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna live at a depth of 1,200m and can live up to 40 years. This fish can reach weights up to 450kg.

6. Yellowfin tuna (Yellowfin Tuna) – 74km / h

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna can be 2.4m long and weigh up to 200kg, even some can reach more than 400kg. This fish usually appears in tropical and subtropical waters.

7. Blue shark – 69km / h

Blue shark

The blue shark, dubbed the sea wolf, is one of the fastest moving sharks at a maximum speed of up to 69km / h. Blue sharks are less aggressive, often living in deep water in temperate and tropical oceans. Under natural conditions, blue sharks can live for 20 years.

8. Swordfish – 64km / h


Swordfish, also known as the swordfish, live in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters. The name of this fish comes from the small and long mouth used to skew their prey. This fish can swim very fast, 64km / h thanks to its round and elongated body.

9. Sugar sardines (Bonefish) – 64km / h

Sardines (Bonefish)

Sugar sardines have a dark silver fin, often forming swarms to avoid predators. Their food is shrimp, crabs, molluscs and other small creatures. This fish usually lives in warm waters.

10. Four-winged flying fish – 56km / h

Four-winged flying fish

Flying fish have developed pectoral fins, their tails can move up to 70 times per second, can break the water surface so they can fly above the water and escape from large predators.

11. Killer whale (Orcinus orca), 55km / h

Killer Whale (Orcinus orca)

This is a type of toothed whale in the ocean dolphin family. Killer whales are almost unrivaled, they are at the top of the food chain. This whale lives in the polar regions, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

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