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11 Dog Toys That Will Entertain Your Pup for Hours on End in 2020

Maintaining an Instagram-worthy home while keeping your dog happy might sound like an impossible feat. Lucky for you (and any dog parents in your life), the best dog toys can keep your dog — and their teeth — occupied, healthy, and far away from your furniture. Yup, not only do these toys help distract and entertain your pup, some even help clean their teeth or teach them new tricks. It’s a win-win!

From hilarious picks like the Chew Toy Donald Trump Squeaker (“Not a pupper, you’re a pupper!”) to natural choices for the mindful dog owner to the tried-and-true Kong classic, you’re to find something that’s just right for your four-legged friend. 


1. Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy


Kinda like a brain teaser for your pup, this dog puzzle (yes, it really is what it sounds like), features nine removable treat-dispensing compartments that reward smart behavior with a savory treat. Your dog stays occupied — and engaged — and you get to enjoy seeing them having a blast without having to worry about cleaning up afterward. It might even become your dog’s new favorite toy.

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2. ARRAM Pet Fitness Robot


Finally, a smart device we aren’t afraid to use. This ARRAM smart fitness robot is basically your dog’s new best friend. It plays, it feeds, it even cleans up your pup’s unsightly messes. OK, that last part was a lie, but the ARRAM is one of the first smart robots that works autonomously to help entertain your dog — and gives you some time to focus on yourself.

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3. BarkBox Subscription


Treat your good boy to some nice dog treats (and more!) every month with this awesome BarkBox subscription. Each month, you and your doggo will receive two original toys, two bags of fresh healthy treats, and a delicious dental chew. Best of all, the products and toys are never repeated, so your dog gets to look forward to brand new treats and toys every time. The subscriptions and toys are based on your dog’s size, so be sure to choose the appropriate box when ordering.

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4. Nylabone Key Ring


Designed for puppies, these keys encourage healthy chewing habits. The soft material nurtures teething, while the raised bristles help clean teeth and promote gum health. What’s more, the different textures help provide overall oral health by gently massaging your dog’s teeth and gums. Not a bad combination if you ask us.

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5. Kong Classic Dog Toy


This popular toy is designed for mental stimulation. Stuff it with an easy treat and your dog will be entertained by trying to free it. For added fun, you can play fetch with it, as it has an unpredictable bounce trajectory. Best of all, it’s built incredibly tough so you won’t have to worry about your dog ripping through it in a matter of hours…or days…or weeks.

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6. Kong Wubba Dog Toy


A twist on the classic Kong chew toy, this is a slightly softer variation, designed to keep your dog engaged for longer. The nylon covers both a tennis ball and a squeaker ball for double the fun. Best reserved for smaller dogs and puppies, it offers all the fun of the original Kong but adds a fun little twist to the mix. Your dog is sure to love it.

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7. Activpet Teething Rope Set


Another great toy to keep teething puppies off your furniture, this rope cleans teeth and massages gums to prevent plaque build-up. Four rope toys are included, which, fortunately, are all free of plastic and rubber. If you’re looking for a few solid toys that help keep your pup occupied while also keeping their teething habits curbed, this rope set is a must.

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8. goDog Stuffed Rooster Dog Toy


With rooster resemblance, this fun toy is double stitched, so it lasts longer. It even comes with built-in Chew Guard Technology, which is definitely not something you see every day in a dog toy. Choose between a smaller and a larger size based on your breed. It will make for some great pooch photo ops.


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9. Penn Extra Duty Tennis Balls


You can’t go wrong with a classic, which is why tennis balls are undoubtedly one of the best dog toys on the face of the planet. To delight your dog with endless ball-chasing fun, order these extra-duty felt tennis balls from trusted sports manufacturer Penn. These tennis balls are built to last, and you can buy as many as you want to entertain (and exercise) your favorite pup.

tennis balls pennCourtesy of Amazon


10. Chew Toy Donald Trump Squeaker


Meet Loopy the Hedgehog. This squeaky toy from ZippyPaws will soon become your dog’s favorite new friend… to destroy. This plush dog toy comes in the form of a ring-shaped hedgehog, which is perfect for dogs that like to chew through their toys. This toy contains six squeakers and is perfect for entertaining any size dog. Because there’s no stuffing inside this toy, it’s safe for your pup.


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11. Chew Toy Donald Trump Squeaker


Let your dog express its feelings about the current president, with this Donald Trump Squeaker toy. Outfitted with a squeaker, this toy will raise a few eyebrows, as well as a lot of laughter. For better or worse, it’s made with reinforced seams for extra durability. It also features its own built-in squeaker that makes a cute — or annoying, depending on your political preferences — noise every time Fido bites down.

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