10:28 The second black hole image is exposed!Key details make scientists super excited


The “Event Horizon Telescope” (EHT) released the second black hole image. (European News Agency)

2021/03/25 10:28

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Humans saw the true face of a black hole for the first time in 2019, which inspired the academic community. “Event Horizon Telescope” (EHT) today released a second black hole photo. At first glance, it looks similar to the first photo, but the details shown are quite different.

According to foreign media reports, it can be seen from the image that the orange halo on the periphery of the black hole is beam-shaped. The reason is that it is affected by the magnetic force. Scientists can describe and measure this phenomenon to understand the physical mode of the magnetic field when it is very close to the black hole, as well as M87. The reason why the galaxy can emit jets from its core is to obtain information that has never been seen before.

Iván Martí-Vidal, coordinator of the EHT Polarization Measurement Working Group, said that the discovery was a major milestone; Professor Monika Mościbrodzka from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands said, We have obtained key information in understanding how the magnetic field around the black hole works.”

According to EHT, most of the matter around the black hole will be inhaled, but some will escape from it and shoot into the universe. The jets emitted from the core of the M87 galaxy can extend to at least 5,000 light-years.

A black hole is a completely dark celestial body with high density and low mass. The gravity field is so strong that the surrounding space-time is distorted and light cannot escape. This celestial body cannot be seen from the outside, but when the light is deflected by extremely strong gravity, it will To form a “shadow” or “silhouette”, EHT uses technology to form an image of this dark shadow, which becomes the black hole we see today.

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