10 ways to prevent car fire and explosion in hot season

Car fires and explosions not only cause damage to property, but also endanger the lives of motorists.

On hot days, high temperatures will also cause cars to burn. Her grandparents have the saying “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, an automobile explosion-proof solution is always the most necessary. But besides that, you also need to know some timely improvisation experience to prevent fire and explosion in cars.

Car fire causes loss of life and property

Check the electrical system carefully

The electrical system is a detail that needs to be paid attention to and checked on a regular basis to ensure that the electrical cable is always in a stable and safe condition, to avoid leakage of electricity that causes the car to catch fire. You should also pay close attention to the wire housing, as this is the part that is susceptible to rat bites or aging cracks. Since the high-voltage wire of an ignition system is constantly subjected to high temperatures and high voltage, you must pay close attention to this detail.

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Testing your electrical system will minimize the risk of fire

Restrict the installation of additional equipment

Changing the original design of the car that does not match the original structure, especially the replacement of substandard parts, will cause an automobile explosion. If you are passionate about adding or needing to add some necessary accessories, then you should carefully understand the products of clear origin and choose the basis for reputable replacements.

Limiting the installation of toys on the vehicle will help reduce the risk of fire and explosion

Select a suitable parking location

You choose to park with shade in the hot season. Because of that, in addition to preventing fire and explosion, you also help save some fuel when restarting engine and cooling system of cars. Because if you leave the car in the hot weather for too long, the space in the car will absorb a large amount of heat. You should also not park your car near flammable materials such as straw, straw, and dry leaves … plus the sun is also very flammable. In addition, if the car is left in the sun for too long, the parts exposed to direct sunlight will loosen up and lead to more breakage.

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It is better to leave the car in the shade than to leave it outside

Do not leave flammable chemicals / objects in the vehicle

Perfumes, lighters … are items that should be kept on the car, especially in the dry season. Such items if left in the vehicle for too long and are exposed to high temperatures can cause an explosion at any time. When you enter the car, you should observe for 1-2 minutes before starting the engine, if there is any strange smell you need to check carefully to avoid the risk of fire causing danger to your life.

Do not leave foreign objects in the car

Regularly check coolant and lubricating oil

These are types of fluids that have a direct impact on the performance of a vehicle engine. If you neglect to check the coolant or lubricating oil in your car engine, you will cause some unforeseen accidents. Especially in case you force the engine to run excessively, causing the engine to bundle up or even burn the car.

For that reason, you need to strictly follow the regular oil change schedule and learn more about how to change the coolant regularly. And you also limit the need to use the car for too long leading to an overload situation. To recognize the situations of vehicle overload, you only need to look at the engine temperature, if over 50%, you should turn off the engine as the first solution.

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Clean the car compartment regularly and periodically

In the process of vehicle circulation, a quantity of trash and some combustible materials will appear and easily be swept into the engine compartment. And over a period of time, heat will build up and add existing trash, increasing the risk of fire. Therefore, you need to clean the engine compartment regularly to eliminate the agents of automobile explosion.

Don’t forget to do routine maintenance

It is not natural that the manufacturer makes a recommendation about the vehicle inspection cycle. Like any furniture, any car, no matter how good it is, will have a life cycle of its own. And to prolong the life of the car, you need to replace a few parts to ensure the car is always in good working order.

Regularly maintain the vehicle to prolong its life

For details in direct exposure to continuous sunlight such as gas pipes, wire casing …, the life expectancy is quite low and must be replaced regularly. Also for that reason, you need to check and maintain periodically to replace the car parts in time.

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Equipped with a fire extinguisher

Carrying a fire extinguisher is one of the top measures in automobile fire protection. It will help you minimize fire damage. However, even if you have put out the fire, you will need to call the emergency team to have a thorough inspection.

Do not open the capo during a fire

According to the principle of fire, if there is air, it will make the fire bigger, so when there is a sign of fire, you need to turn off the engine immediately and call the emergency assistance numbers. Absolutely do not open the bonnet, to avoid the fire rising up harder, endanger human life

Opening the poem will burn your hand and make the fire burn even harder

Life is first

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When problems arise, the most important thing is that you have to get out of the car quickly, avoiding cases of taking things but having to linger. Because then, just a second getting out of the car faster also saved your life.


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