10 tips to overcome difficulties (Part 2)

Guide Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 tips to "overcome difficulties" (Part 2)

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Continuing from the beginning of the 2-part series “Tutorials Fire Emblem: Three Houses – 10 tips to overcome difficulties ”, this time Vietgame.asia please continue to tell readers about the next 5 tips to experience Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the latest strategy RPG from Nintendo, easier!

Please note that sometimes the content is "spoil" content, so readers should consider before viewing!

Guide Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem instructions


In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, when characters have Motivation bars from level 1-4, on weekdays players can directly teach "1-on-1" to them to increase the specific subjects selected. In addition, characters can also learn more from 1-2 subjects decided by the player.

With so many subjects and closely related to later career development, players will need to understand how to allocate most effectively.

The writer's advice is to aim for the characters to learn minor subjects such as horse riding, dragon riding, heavy armor.

This is simply because 80% of the highest-level professions (Masters) are cavalry, and have the required level of mastery of riding horses at A (or B + but quite rare) levels.

This leads to the fact that if you are too attentive to learning offensive weapons or magic in a spread manner, then when you reach level 30, characters are still not eligible for promotion to "good" professions such as Bow Knight, Dark Knight , Holy Knight, Great Knight, Wyverd Lord, Falcon Knight due to "ignorance" of minor subjects.

With weapons-related subjects still being able to increase through combat and the use of specific weapons, these subjects can only be increased by self-study, teaching, or activity. weekend extracurricular (for up to 2 characters at a time).

In order for it to build itself up, it must be at least Advanced when the character has been able to transform into professions such as Armored Knight, Pegasus Knight or Cavalier – and these classes also require technical, non-technical and tactical armor. at least C level already.

Fire Emblem instructions


In Fire Emblem In the past, character classes all had their own characteristics and often countered each other.

However, in previous versions, this difference was quite faint and did not really work, making specific characters like General (heavy tank) and Sniper almost "abandoned" when they just did good for a job that has many other dual jobs doing better.

However, with Fire Emblem Three Houses things are different, when the Intelligent System profoundly redefines the value of the army.

For example, the Great Knight or Fortress Knight, can now move more flexibly thanks to drugs or auxiliary equipment, to maximize the ability to resist and attract damage.

With a high defense index and other auxiliary, really these "mobile fortresses" can almost make any physical unit, no matter how strong, must be discouraged.

Therefore, in order to destroy that solid wall, the presence of magicians like Gremory or the Dark Knight was absolutely necessary.

The destructive power of this group of wizards is so horrible that unless the Falcon Knight, Paladin or other wizards have extremely high Res, the rest will all evaporate in a single note. The characteristic of stable accuracy regardless of the obstructed terrain was also a highlight that made the role of the magician even more necessary.

And of course, in exchange for such horrific damage, most mages with physical resistance are very poor, and most cases will be "prone" if taking a hit from heavy physical units. like Hero, Swordmaster or War Master.

Not to mention that the Falcon Knights and the Wyvern Lord are both air force with unmatched maneuverability that can approach and destroy an almighty magician in the blink of an eye, it is clear that protecting the magician from hunters This has made the strategy of the game significantly increased.

Finally, it is necessary to mention the spectacular return of the gunner's units Fire Emblem Three Houses, such as Sniper and Bow Knight.

Although the game has a new feature that is not limited to weapons by profession, but a bow will surely become a dozen times more scary when in the hands of these shikigami, with "exclusive" add-ons such as + 2 range cells (increase attack range up to 4-5 cells) and Close Counter, renowned skill that allows fighting at close range – really, a gunner character in Fire Emblem Three Houses has a formidable power far more than previous versions.


In the gaming and programming world, when a serious bug affects game operation and is harmful to users, it is a "bug".

And when the bug does not really affect the operation, but also useful for players who know how to exploit it, then called "glitch".

With Fire Emblem Three Houses, Intelligent System has legitimized quite a few things that should have existed only as "glitch" – but with a fairly high level of difficulty from the later half of the game, the existence of these features is really necessary.

First, it is Combat Forecast – a feature that is not new but has been implemented Fire Emblem Three Houses Make it significantly more useful.

That is when moving a character somewhere, players will be able to clearly see the "laser" from the enemies will launch attacks on the next turn. This is extremely useful to avoid "foolish" steps that make the character unjust, or more advanced, use this to make the enemy attack on a specific character.

Next is the Adjutant assignment feature – which is Pair Up in the old versions. Although the famous features of Pair Up such as Dual Strike and Dual Guard are no longer "hegemony" anymore, but Adjutant proved to be a more balanced and more economic mechanism.

Adjutant characters get the full EXP and Mastery as the main character is "carrying" them – this combined with equipment like Experience Gem or Knowledge Gem will allow players to raise up to 3 at the same time. weak characters easily "attach" them to powerful characters sweeping the map.

Lastly, there is the Divine Pulse time reversing feature, which is the main power of the protagonist Byleth.

This feature allows players to return to any previous action, at any turn, to undo their "stupid" decisions. Especially in the Classic game mode when the character if dead is "go away", the feature seems a bit "cheat" this proves its invaluable value.

Fire Emblem instructions


When completing the side quests assigned during the Explore process, or winning battle points for points, the player will gain a unit of points called Renown.

At the first play, Renown only works to "worship" for 4 holy statues in exchange for perpetual benefits (increasing teaching experience, increasing learning speed …), and in New Game +, it will There are many other applications that make Renown distribution important.

For statues, it is necessary to give early priority to the statue of Cethleann (about 2000 Renown) to unlock the "Class Mastery +1" promotion. With each time participating in a battle, the character only increases by 1 Class Mastery, with this supplement, the "graduation" process seems to have been reduced to half.

After completing the game for the first time (on any side), players can start New Game + with all the additional points from the holy statues are kept the same amount of Renown to "start a business". ”.

This creates a premise to make this replay much easier, as players can use Renown to unlock professors' level (priority to level B), social relations, even a mastery of skills. skills or career that you have experienced in "previous lives".

The use of Renown to purchase new Crest (Crest) also helps players to strengthen their team early, when in addition to the character's default Hindu, they will be able to use other powerful holy seals.

Note that the relic weapons (Relic) comes with the corresponding Holy Seal, rather than attaching death to the character, so players can arbitrarily equip "terrible items" for their favorite character.

Fire Emblem instructions

10. "MONSTER HUNTER" NEW STYLE | Guide Fire Emblem

In previous versions, it was common for players to encounter most of the human form enemies – although sometimes there were "beastmen", they were still limited to one unit.

With Fire Emblem Three Houses, players will first encounter the powerful unit is the monster (Monster). They can be giant wild beasts, cursed people, or biochemical weapons created by war.

Characteristic of this type of enemy is its large size (occupying 2 × 2 cells) on the front, has a lot of blood (2 to 5 health trees), the ability to sweep extremely wide area, extremely dangerous, and powerful mechanism Add up (unlock more skills) for each lost blood tree.

Actually, in the final stages, these monsters always make players extremely headache when each of them is not inferior to you … the last boss is few.

The special feature of monsters is that players can attack one of its 4 cells to "break the armor", and when broken, it will temporarily be stunned, unable to fight back.

Taking advantage of this weakness, the player can use characters who distance 3 cells such as magicians or archers to "chisel" to reduce an area of ​​its armor, and use other characters to continue "gouging" into it. Deal optimal damage.

However, the writer still recommends breaking all 4 armor boxes of monsters (most effective is to use Gambit with battalion armies to fight large areas) – although difficult and longer, but when all armor is broken, the player will receive extremely rare materials like Mythril or Umbra Steel to forge / repair extremely good weapons, which are difficult to find from other sources.

So is a 2-series series about 10 "tips" to help you play Fire Emblem Three Houses Vietgame.asia's easier coming here is over.

Is a great game with lots of time and content, accompanied by a fascinating multi-forked plot, Fire Emblem Three Houses will definitely consume a few hundred hours of play for those who have "trot love" her.
Hope to post Fire Emblem instructions This, the experience of Vietgame.asia readers will be more complete and more fun. Thank you and see you again!

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