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DC Comics is the "home" of one of the strongest heroes in the comic book world, but there is no shortage of villains to keep them "busy". These evil characters range from gods inspired by Japan and Greece to New Gods (created by Jack Kirby).

While gods like Darkseid have been terrorizing Earth for decades, there are other gods like Diana of Thymescira (Wonder Woman) who are always ready to stand up for the weak. So in this list, we will take a look at the 10 strongest gods throughout the DC universes.

10. Zeus

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Is there a way to start a list of gods in the DC universe better than the "gods of gods" Zeus?

The DC versions of Greek gods often have the most original powers and shapes, but depending on the author, there will be a little bit more. Zeus received the power of his worshipers, along with the ability to control the weather and revive the dead, transform and create new life forms.

9. Darkseid

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Darkseid: the killer of Superman, Batman and a god of Apokolips take on the task of finding the "Anti-life equation". He has always been compared to another Marvel villain – Thanos.

Darkseid is extremely strong (he can even crack the Lantern ring with his hand), is super intelligent, and with the ability to shoot Omega rays from his eyes, Darkseid is one of the most feared characters. and the most dangerous. Even so, Darkseid still occupies the 9th position in the list of gods.

8. Metron

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This may not be the strongest god in the New Gods, but Metron makes up for it with a brain capable of controlling space, time and other dimensions.

Together with the Mobius chair, Metron can appear at any moment or time and that brain also holds a huge amount of knowledge and memory. Even the Mobius chair is so strong that not only does it accumulate Metron's knowledge, it also gives anyone omnipotence.

7. Trigon

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Teen Titans fans will be able to get to know the devil god of this hell. Trigon has never shown the peak of his abilities, but without having to use much strength, he is enough to defeat the Teen Titans and Justice League.

While Raven often proved to be unimportant, she was the daughter of one of the strongest gods in the DC universe. Certainly one day not far away, Raven could reach his father's ability. Although he is not considered the most wonderful father, when it comes to power, few people can touch the ruler of hell.

6. Highfather

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Like Darkseid, the Highfather is one of the strongest of the New Gods. He can use energy in its original form, and even fight with the Darkseid.

While immortal in nature, he always appears as a person in his third week of life. Though he could fight the Darkseid, he could not completely defeat the god Apokolips and his army. Later, when he had to exchange his son for peace, the Highfather was able to temporarily cease the Darkseid.

5. Morpheus

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In theory, an immortal god, the god of dreams, created by Neil Gaiman, can appear and exist wherever he wants. He can be real or surreal at his disposal. With some gods like Darkseid trying to conquer universes, Morpheus could completely exist in another universe – where dreams exist.

Although not as generous as the other gods, but with the kind of power he holds, Morpheus really did not need to be. Although the title "The ruler of dreams" may sound intimidating, he is often inclined to sided with the heroes of DC.

4. Bruce Wayne: The one who does not tolerate

10 strongest gods in the DC universe - Photo 8.

Ares, Kratos are typical examples of the title of war gods in Olympus, but in the universe of DC, they are only tiny shrimp compared to this war god.

Brucce Wayne created enough trouble when he was still a billionaire disguised as a hero but before the events of Dark Knights: Metal, this version of Bruce not only defeated the God of War, the God of War. Take the cap of this god to become a new god of war, then execute even Wonder Woman, who has just helped him.

It is Ares' hat that drives him insane (like Kratos) and steals the life of the woman he loves most.

3. Wonder Woman

10 strongest gods in the DC universe - Picture 9.

Superman may be the strongest in the Justice League, but Diana is actually the one with the blood of the gods. Wonder Woman, like his father – Zeus – are all brave warriors.

She possesses sharpness and health over people. Even when Zeus "vented", Diana was able to withstand the punches of his father unharmed. Most importantly, thanks to his heart and courage, the Justice League is fortunate to have a god on their side.

2. Lucifer Morningstar

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The Presence, the DC version of God is an unstoppable, almighty image of the universe, one that always exists in everything. Therefore, Lucifer Morningstar was born as the opposite of that power.

Although Lucifer is a multi-cosmic entity with all his abilities, he cannot create something from a vacuum – meaning it will be a little weak to face his brother and the creator. me, the Presence. But usually, Lucifer will be ignored when Presence gets angry because he is also an equally evil creature.

1. The Presence

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The Presence is the "God" of the world of DC comics. The Presence is whatever you want. Revival, the gift of energy for humans and angels, along with absolutely NOT being destroyed makes The Presence not a joke in the universe of DC comics.

The Presence is a god that almost all other gods have to follow or be wary of. Although The Presence rarely appears in the story, his name is often mentioned by the characters in the story.

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