10 points to pay attention before buying Canon M50 - VnReview

10 points to pay attention before buying Canon M50 – VnReview

As a mirrorless camera model that contains many of Canon's breakthroughs, the M50 is expected to help Japanese camera firms compete strongly with a series of stunned competitors in the unmatched mirror segment.

Repeatedly introducing a series of mirrorless cameras in recent times, Canon has shown that they cannot ignore the explosion of mirrorless cameras. With the M50, Canon equipped with a range of features that first appeared on its mirrorless cameras such as 4K / 25fps movie recording capability, DIGIC 8 processor, Eye AF eye detection focus. .

Canon M50 currently has a suggested price of about 20 million VND when attached with the EF-M 15-45 mm F / 3.5-6.3 IS STM lens, located in the mid-range mirrorless camera segment, often used by special users. attention.

If you plan to buy Canon M50, here are a few points (both positive and limited), so be aware of this product. In addition, VnReview has a detailed review of Canon M50, you can refer here.

1. Simple design, more suitable for beginners to get used to photography

It is possible to consider M50 as a successor version of the previous M5 but it is a compromise between professional and universal elements to suit both beginners. The device is full of the elements that savvy users of fancy photography like the electronic viewfinder EVF or the style that looks like a miniature DSLR with the hump up containing a toad flash. The grip is raised to hold the hand firmly.

However, the system of buttons and rotation has been minimized, there is only one rotation around the shutter button, taking on all the aperture, speed and ISO functions when combined with other buttons. . This makes it easier for beginner users to get used to a camera that is more distracting and focused on touchscreen use, especially when the M50 is Canon's first mirrorless with a more flexible, flip-screen touchscreen. many flip screen of 2 "elder" M6, M5.

2. Many features geared towards Vlogger, YouTuber, users or video recording

With a small advantage, the mirrorless cameras are especially loved by Vlogger, YouTuber because they can use for a long day, even with one hand without causing aches and pains. The Canon M50, too, is not only compact, but the versatile flip-rotate touch screen also helps video recording, taking convenient shots at corners that are as hard as low on the ground or above the head. The screen can be reversed 180 degrees forward so taking a selfie or rotating Vlog is really easy.

Video recording support features are fully equipped such as subject tracking, continuous focus, removable mic jacks, Focus Peaking alarms, intensive manual mode, Time-lapse video recording … Quality detailed video quality, crisp, true color, effective anti-shake.

3. The ability to shoot 4K video is suitable for static scenes, not moving the device too much

As Canon's first mirrorless model equipped with 4K video recording capability, the M50 shows that Japanese camera companies are taking the same time to catch up with stunned competitors in the mirrorless segment.
Basically, the quality of 4K video of M50 is enough to meet popular needs with sharpness, good detail, and bright colors.

However, professional users will have to accept many limitations such as focusing mode when shooting 4K only in contrast, not Dual Pixel faster and more accurate. The 4K cropped 1.7X video makes it difficult to rotate the wide angle, when panning, it is easy to tear up, Jello. In general, 4K video on M50 will be best suited for static scenes that don't move too much, like video recording products and landscapes.

4. Focus, fast image capture, good low light shooting, effective noise reduction, impressive vibration resistance

Not only was Canon's first mirrorless model recording 4K video, the M50 was also Canon's first camera to be equipped with DIGIC 8 processor. The most dramatic impression when the M50 shooting experience was the focus and true speed. Very fast exam. The Dual Pixel AF focus system captures almost instantly when moving the camera into the area to capture.
In the absence of light, the M50 retains the agile focus speed, the electronic vibration resistance on the camera body combined with anti-shake on the lens is very effective.

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F 3.5 range, 1 / 3s speed, ISO 100

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F 5.6, speed 1 / 2s, ISO 1600, handheld

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 45mm focal length, F 6.3, speed 1 / 125s, ISO 6400

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 45mm focal length, F 6.3, speed 1 / 10s, ISO 6400

Fully portable, no tripod required, but still capturing exposure shots from 0.5s to 1s sharp. M50's noise reduction ability is also good. At ISO 1600 or below, M50 offers sharpness, detail, impressive noise reduction, clear, sharp images. Higher ISO images still work fine with small sizes and noise appears only at ISO 6400.

5. Convenient portrait shooting thanks to Eye AF, easy layout with up to 143 points of focus, can cover 100% vertical sensor

The DIGIC 8 processor in addition to providing 4K video recording capability and impressive execution speed for the M50 also offers Eye AF eye tracking for the first time to appear on a Canon camera. Eye AF is especially useful when taking portraits, making it easier to get sharp images in the most important part of the face, especially when using long telephoto telephoto lenses like the 70-200mm F4L or 60mm F2.8 large aperture lens. The machine will prioritize focusing on the eyes near the camera most, want to change the other side, just press the focus select button twice.

The number of focus points of M50 is increased to a maximum of 143 points when attaching EF-M lenses 18-150mm F3.5-6.3, 55-200mm F4.5-6.3 or 28mm F3.5 macro, covering up to 100 % vertical sensor and 88% horizontal. With the remaining lenses, the focus score of M50 is also up to 99 points, covering 80% of the sensor, a big step forward compared to only 49 focus points of M5 and M6 for convenient layout.

Eye AF eye focus feature Helping portrait photos are always sharpest, especially when using large aperture lenses. Photo taken with EF-S 60mm F2.8 lens at maximum aperture, speed 1/500, ISO 100.

6. Capture good quality HDR, fast speed but need to hold your hand firmly

The HDR feature has appeared on many Canon cameras before but with M50, HDR algorithms have made significant improvements. HDR photos are more natural, faster, more eye-catching, making impressive landscape photos, especially clouds and greens in the sky.

Photo HDR significantly improves the light band, especially in the sunny sky and the bright area under the bridge

It is worth noting that HDR mode automatically captures 3 images with different exposures and then re-integrates, so the grip needs to be firm for sharp images and the best results.

7. The number of EF-M lenses is not much, need to use an additional mount

Canon's mirrorless cameras use a separate EF-M lens mount and currently Canon has just released 7 lenses that use this mount, of which only 2 focus lenses are 22mm and 28mm. However, the point is that with only one genuine switch of Canon for about 1.5 million dong, users can take advantage of the familiar range of EF lenses and EF-S mounts. The "deliciously cheap" lenses like Canon fix 50mm f / 1.8, zooming to Tamron and Sigma's 17-50mm f / 2.8 all work well on M50.

The M50 and other Canon mirrorless machines can take advantage of the extremely rich lens store with only EF / EF-M mounts. cost about 1.5 millioncopper

8. Has silent shooting feature (Silent Mode) but has not operated in manual mode

Once again, Canon proved to favor M50 when equipping it with the ability to capture complete silence (Silent Mode). This is an unprecedented feature on its mirrorless models. With Silent Mode, M50 will use electronic shutter, which allows shooting without creating any sound, which is perfect for taking street or macro shots.

The drawback is that when using this mode, users can only adjust the brightness level of the image. All ISO parameters, password and speed are determined by the machine itself.

9. Good battery life

Although the LP-E12 battery has a capacity of only 875 mAh lower than the LP-E17 battery (1040 mAh) on M5, M6 but in actual use, the M50 offers a slightly more battery life. It can take 500 to 600 shots at a full charge compared to about 300 of M6. Perhaps thanks to the integration of the EVF, the time to use the LCD monitor is limited to make battery life significantly increase.

Battery LP-E12 The new on the Canon M50 has a capacity of only 875 mAh lower than LP-E17 (1040 mAh) on M5, M6 But it gives a much more realistic use time

Unfortunately, Canon still holds the point of not supporting charging via microUSB port on the machine to ensure voltage safety compared to competitors, so users can not take advantage of backup batteries are very popular now. to charge for M50 when you need it.

The microUSB port on the M50 still does not support charging

10. Fully available connections today, can send photos, videos to Facebook, YouTube

M50 is equipped with a series of connections including WiFi, Bluetooth and even NFC. With NFC, the device can connect quickly with supported phones with just a light touch, all settings are then activated automatically without the user having to manipulate complicatedly.

It is possible to control movie shooting, remote shooting with smartphones as well as instant image transfer after each shooting with Auto Transfer feature

It is noteworthy that Canon's mirrorless model also features new Auto Transfer feature, which automatically sends photos to the phone or computer immediately after each shot. Even with computers, when connecting to the same WiFi network, M50 can automatically send both large video and RAW files.

In addition, M50 continues to be equipped with the ability to upload photos and videos directly from the phone to popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google Drive …

M50 allows uploading photos and videos directly from the phone to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube …


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