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10 pm tonight has 5 Sen Wallet 3 and 5 leather strap Sen Apple Watch costs 1 point on the Reward Store, you remember the soup

I hacked 5 pieces of Sen Wallet 3 and 5 leather straps Sen Apple Watch from the Khac's warehouse, I will post these items to Tinhte Reward Store, you watch 10 o'clock tonight to exchange points to get it. Price only 1 point Tinhte Rewards only. Because I have to secretly hack things, so I can't steal much, next time I'll get more for you. After exchanging points, you will receive a 100% discount code on the App, you can use this code to order via Khacten.com or to Khac Ten store in Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi to get the goods.

Update: I revised 5x to 5. It seems that you mistake the way to write the number of products with the number of 5 dozen, so I recorded it clearly.

Tinhte Reward Store can be accessed from the Delicate app, download the app at the link below:



The details of the program for exchanging points with Tinhte Rewards can be found in this article

This is Sen Wallet 3, towards you to use both card and cash at the same time. The number of cards can carry about 6 pieces contained in two compartments. The maximum number of bills is about 40 sheets but the best is about 20 to 30 sheets. Sen 3 is aimed at the user's experience when using it, especially when paying money, access and taking out money is simpler than most types of squeeze on the market. See more about Sen Wallet 3 in this link https://khacten.com/2017/03/khac-ten-ra-mat-vi-sen-3-nho-gon-thong-minh-khong-gap-tien/.

Khac Ten launches SEN 3 Wallet, compact, smart, not folding money

The 3rd generation Lotus wallet (# visen3) with smart design, compact shape but still keeping money is always in straight state, not folding and easy to use.


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And this is the SEN Apple Watch leather strap.

Some information you should consider about SEN Apple Watch Leather Cord

  • Design by Apple Watch style
  • Using natural skin and perfect finishing to wear on hands feels comfortable
  • Eliminate water retention elements, use skin type and finish to help drain water quickly to achieve the purpose of using water, exercise, bathing, washing
  • Laser cutting, manual sewing
  • Designed by Khắc tên – Made in Vietnam

See more about Sen 3 Wallet in this link: https://khacten.com/daydaaw/

Duy Luân

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