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10 modern marketing trends to know

Enterprises need to grasp these marketing trends, and change their mindset and vision to successfully build a suitable marketing plan.

1. The growth of AI

AI is no longer a new technology, and in fact, you’ve been exposed to more artificial intelligence than you might think. That is when you see ads appearing in search results or when you are using social media. 57% of marketers have applied AI to their strategies and tactics.

However, AI is still a work in progress, expected to grow 53% in the next few years.

2. Live Video (live video)

Like AI, live video is no longer a novelty, it grows exponentially. 80% of users said they prefer to watch a live video than reading a blog post. Facebook also reported a live video that gained three times as many viewers.

Here are tips to get you started with a live video:

  • Use live video at the event so users who are not present can have a panoramic view of the event.
  • Show off your attractive vacation or sales know-how.
  • Promote and offer exclusive deals only to those who are watching your video.

3. Video consumption will continue to grow

If your Website and your marketing strategies are not yet optimized for mobile devices, now is the time to fix that. Simply put, search engines will penalize you if your website is not mobile-friendly.

Besides, consumers spend a lot of time using their phones.

Mobile video consumption will increase by 28% in 2018, and this is also the first time seeing a decline in video consumption on desktop and tablet computers. So in order to overcome this fierce competition, marketers need to plan for mobile video.

4. Marketing customer experience will evolve

Customer experience marketing is about making sure customers have a good experience when you market them. It’s becoming more and more popular, 68% of marketers say their businesses are increasingly focusing on customer experience in the marketing process.

Customer experience is very important. The customer’s view of your business or brand is the total number of experiences they’ve had with you.

Creating a good customer experience helps you build brand loyalty. Between two online stores selling the same item, which offers a better buying experience will be chosen by the customer.

Everything must be mobile ready. Several figures prove the importance of this device:

  • Mobile phone is the most popular means of browsing the web, accounting for 51.4%.
  • Laptop ranked 2nd, accounting for 43.4%.
  • About 70% of searches are done on mobile devices this year. Therefore, if you don’t prepare a strategy for mobile, you can only market the remaining 30%.

5. Content marketing will become more important

Content marketing is still very important and evolving. 70% of people surveyed said that they want to learn about a business through article than an advertisement. And more importantly, content marketing is still the most economical form of marketing compared to other types of marketing. This is also a form that can create many potential customers.
Blog posts, videos, images, or text are different forms of content marketing.

6. Search by voice

Users will increasingly search by voice in a more popular way, through technologies such as smartphones, smart speakers, laptops, and tablets. By 2020, 50% of searches will be conducted by voice.

Voice search optimization is the trend towards long keywords and conversation sentences. Optimizing voice search from content marketing is quite easy, because it’s not difficult to put keyword conversations in your content.

7. Advertisement but not broadcast on television

Facebook, YouTube and Amazon all have their own TV series. Netflix and Hulu have exclusive shows that are only watchable on their platforms. Online TV services still win Emmy Awards.

Everyone wants to be able to watch video on their mobile device, and it will only grow in the years to come. That means TV shows have to move to the digital world, and business owners need to focus on advertising on social media and YouTube instead of advertising on local TV stations.

8. Social media strategy will be the best opportunity to help you reach customers

Social networking is becoming more and more difficult. And like all fronts, social media also forces you to fight for your own existence and presence.

To do that, you must have a strategy for social media, whether you are a local business or a giant brand.

9. Generation Z “Attack”

Generation Z are people born between 1995-2000, the generation that brings many changes in technology online. Many businesses have embarked on this generation-focused marketing strategy, so you must get started now. This is not going to be a short-term trend, it will last until about 20 years, because Generation Z is the consumer for decades to come.

10. Transparency is an important factor in marketing

Transparency and trust will be the factors customers look for in a business. People read reviews. They look for a business profile on social media. They will learn everything about you through the internet before deciding to buy or use your service.

People will leave their reviews of you on the internet. You will see more transparent behaviors since 2018, so focus on strengthening your auditing marketing strategy and giving customers a glimpse of the work behind the face of your business and business. your business. Your marketing strategy needs more human elements instead of just logo, product or service.

Tang Khanh
* Source: Saigon Businessman


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