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10 lessons about leadership arts from Amazon bosses


Founded in 1994, up to now, Amazon (USA) has become the largest online sales company in the world, with revenue in 2017 amounting to $ 178 billion. That success was thanks to the great leadership of Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon. Here are 10 lessons from Mr. Bezos’ leadership skills.

1. Give employees autonomy

Amazon has enjoyed spectacular growth thanks to the company’s high levels of autonomy for employees. This allows employees to monitor their entire project and work with maximum efficiency. With this in mind, Amazon has gathered many outstanding leaders. Amazon already has a division made up of one person or a small group of employees.

2. Create meaningful visions for employees

Author Brad Stone has just written a book about Amazon called The Everything Store. Accordingly, Amazon wants to be an everything store, customers around the world can go there and find anything they want. Plus, Amazon wants customers to find all of that at the lowest cost. This is the vision that Amazon sets out at any facility, so that employees can easily understand and instill it.


3. Consider the customer the most important

With the goal of being a store that sells everything, Amazon always puts customers in the number one position. Amazon always wants its users and customers to have the best experience.

Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon.

4. Be patient

Jeff Bezos is well aware that, in cultural and social contexts that cannot change as quickly as the advancement of technology, persistence is key. It takes time to change consumer standards on a large scale. For example, some people will not feel comfortable immediately upon receiving goods via email.

5. Passion

Any successful entrepreneur needs to be passionate about his work. Bezos is passionate about business, passionate about e-commerce, and passionate about running Amazon.

6. Find talented people

The people who run some of Amazon’s key units are the best of the best. For example, Christine Beauchamp – former President of global brand Ralph Lauren is currently the President of Amazon’s fashion division. Amazon’s list of talented people keeps growing over the years.


7. Create promotion opportunities for employees

In addition to finding talent outside, Amazon is also very focused and fair in creating promotion opportunities for employees in the company. This stimulates people to work hard in the hopes of getting better positions in the near future, as Amazon is constantly opening new units and needing new leadership.

Bezos is passionate about business, passionate about e-commerce, and passionate about running Amazon.

8. Be responsive to new trends

In 2017, in a letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos wrote that one current trend is the development of artificial intelligence. Amazon is aware of this issue and is preparing to adapt when appropriate. While too many tech companies take this problem lightly, being one step ahead creates great opportunities for Amazon.

9. Compact structure, quick decisions

Amazon has always been highly mobile. Groups and groups are compact and often self-governing, so it is easy to take advantage of good opportunities for development.

10. Ask everyone to be short and concise

Before the meetings, a leader needs wordstrip for each employee to see and read before taking his seat. Requiring the words written on this paper file to be very brief and meaningful for employees to remember (usually verbs). Then, the employee must think to put a short, concise sentence with those suggestive words.

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* Source: Investment newspaper



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