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10 interesting things about Korean cuisine

Food is the shortest way to connect people, and when traveling, not only to discover the beauty but also to the culinary journey. Through the dishes, you will better understand the life and culture of that country. And in this article, let's explore some interesting things about Korean cuisine.

1. Hundreds of types of kimchi

Traditional food is not too strange for everyone when it comes to Korean cuisine and culture. However, few people know that besides kimchi is so popular, kimchi has up to 200 hundred different types, even in Seoul, there is even a museum to display all kinds of kimchi.

2. Rice is used to pay taxes

Like other Asian countries – rice is always an important part of the Korean people's meals and lives. The value of rice was so high that it was used as a currency and used to pay taxes during the Three Kingdoms period in Silla. At that time, rice became a luxury food for the farmers.

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3. Some royal dishes are easily found in temples

Interestingly, people who eat temple food often have the opportunity to eat the most royal food. This was because the maids were old, they would leave the palace and work at temples like nuns, and so many royal food recipes were passed down and kept in temples. , Temple.

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4. One of the largest garlic consuming countries in the world

It is difficult to find a Korean dish without garlic in it. Garlic is everywhere from soups, sauces or raw, served with meat, even in some drinks. On average, each person consumes 7.6 kg of garlic a year, figures from 2011 to 2017 (the highest year was 2013 with 8.9 kg). It is a nightmare for those who cannot eat garlic. @@

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5. The number of banchan depends on the position

Historically, the number of side dishes at a meal depended on the status of diners, from 4 to 12 dishes. The higher the position, the more power, the more banchan. So do not be surprised when the kings have hundreds of types, surely the table must be very large.

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6. Metal chopsticks

Using chopsticks is a cultural characteristic of Asia, but why are Korean chopsticks so different and difficult to use? Unlike Vietnam, chopsticks are made with a lot of materials, Korean chopsticks are only made from metal, with a square, flat shape, this makes using these chopsticks a new subject and skill. .

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7. Banchan varies by food and season

Besides being dependent on status, there's an interesting fact about Korean side dishes. That banchan is served depending on the main course and the season you enjoy. So it's no surprise that your favorite side dishes can't be found in the summer.

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8. The most popular sauce in Korea is Gochujang

This certainly does not surprise too many Korean food enthusiasts. This national chili sauce is used as the main condiment for dishes, soups, sauces for rice, or as a dipping sauce. Koreans can not live without this kind of sauce, so Korean dishes are similar to each other.

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9. Dessert

Before Western cuisine was introduced to Korea with desserts such as cakes, pies, ice creams, etc. in Korea, desserts were mainly used from fresh fruits, tea and Traditional cakes made from rice. Currently, while the sweet after-meal sweets are Westernized in cafes, in families, desserts are still kept fairly traditional.

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10. Plastic model that simulates a dish

In Korea, Japan, when walking around the mall, it is very easy to come across glass cabinets displaying replica models of dishes on the menu in front of the restaurants. This helps customers easily visualize the dish, and limit the language barrier when reading the menu. But it is quite bad for your wallet, because any dish looks attractive and beautifully displayed.

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