10 health warning signs on the body you should not ignore
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10 health warning signs on the body you should not ignore

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The human body is not as mysterious as we think it is. In fact, it makes it possible to early detect disease signals that are quietly happening in the body.

Sometimes just looking at the small changes in the body, you can guess what problem you are facing to promptly treat it.

Lots of studies show that early screening can prevent certain diseases and even reduce the risk of premature death.

To help you recognize the signs when your body is sick, health professionals have given 12 symptoms on the body that could be a warning sign that you should not ignore.

1. There are folds in the ears

There are folds in the ears

Many studies show that if the ear folds, your body may have some problems related to the heart, the folds in the ear can be a warning sign of obstructive artery disease.

2. Smooth tongue

Smooth tongue

The normal tongue is usually with protruding spines on the surface of the tongue. However, if you find that your tongue does not have these thorns, then you may be lacking vitamin B12 or iron for your body. This is an inflammation of the tongue, which can also be caused by low or hereditary estrogen.

3. Fluid in the belly button

  Fluid in the navel

The belly button is the perfect place for bacteria and dirt to build up, especially when pierced in this area. If you notice signs of yellow, green, or gray discharge from your belly button, your navel is likely infected with fungus, yeast, or bacteria.

4. Spoon-shaped concave nails

This condition is also known as koilonychia. The cause can be iron deficiency, anemia, liver or heart disease, poor blood circulation to fingers and hypothyroidism.

5. Mesh blood vessels with holes under the feet

If your skin has a meshed vascular dilatation phenomenon, the skin turns purple, this may be a sign of cyanosis (livedo reticularis). Cold weather can make illness worse, while warm weather can make illness better.

6. There are pimples on the eyelids

There are pimples on the eyelids

Yellow pimples appear on the eyelids, which can be xanthelasma, which occurs when some of the fat forms under the skin. This could be a sign that your body is getting too much cholesterol.

7. Chest indentation

  The indentation in the chest

The wrinkled, punctured breast skin can be a sign of breast cancer. In addition to the above symptoms, breast cancer can also present signs of pain, swelling or discharge in the nipple.

8. The hand is orange

Consuming too many foods containing beta-carotene (carrots, peaches and oranges) can cause your skin to turn orange. You also do not have to worry too much, this situation will return to normal when you change your diet properly.

9. Dark skin

Hyperpigmentati or darker skin (hyperpigmentation) is a symptom of Addision’s disease, which can be caused by the inactive adrenal glands. It could also be due to some of the medications you take or too much iron accumulation.

10. Sweating your feet

Leg sweat

Excessive sweating of the legs, also known as hyperhidrosis, foot sweating can be a genetic disease, but it can be a warning sign of hyperthyroidism.


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