10 great inventions for a cool summer day
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10 great inventions for a cool summer day

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For many, summer is a time for picnics, cool drinks and ice cream. In the countryside, by the lake, pool or in the garden, anywhere can be used to enjoy different outdoor activities this season. However, while we are all ready to savor the dish in the dazzling golden sun, preparing for a picnic can be quite headache and complicated. If you are considering organizing a picnic, here is 10 great inventions for a cool summer day. Invite you to consult!

Octopus water bottle holder

Octopus water bottle holder© potterybarn

If partying on hot summer days, these fancy looking containers are the choice to serve diners at your restaurant.

Refrigerating equipment for alcohol

Refrigerating equipment for alcohol© amazon

This is “accessories“Makes the perfect chilled and carbonated wine outdoors.

Water bottle made from watermelon

Water bottle made from watermelon© ebay

The dishes are not broken

The dishes are not broken© jossandmain

This set of dishes is an ideal solution for outdoor parties, gatherings and social events. You won’t have to worry about the kids breaking the dishes or cups anymore.

Charge the phone using solar energy

Charge the phone using solar energy© ebay

Multi-purpose hammock

Multi-purpose hammock© sierratradingpost

You can place this hammock wherever you want, take it with you on a camping trip or use it in your own backyard.

Self-cooled glass cup

Self-cooled glass cup© amazon

This glass ensures that you will never run out of cool drinks on a hot summer day. The handle part is lined with premium silicon, making it comfortable for you to hold a cup or carry.

Portable BBQ grill

Portable BBQ grill© amazon

Mobile BBQ grill is more convenient and safer for the health of you and your family. Moreover, you do not need to prepare charcoal, oil, paper to have a grill, it just takes a lot of time and effort. This device will make your barbecue more comfortable and enjoyable.

Picnic kits

Picnic kits© amazon

This backpack is perfect for a romantic outing, right?

Table playing cards floating on the water

Table playing cards floating on the water© ebay

The most demanding poker players must also love this convenient table set.

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Having fun!


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