10 great ideas to fill the void under the stairs

10 great ideas to fill the void under the stairs

Create a cool green garden in the house

If you have a few bonsai pots that don’t need too much light, you can create a cozy little corner of them right downstairs, just like Kate did here. Buying a built-in stand, she places her potted plants between decorative items like rattan baskets and books, randomly turning the place into a little green paradise.

A mini library, why not?

Here is another example of a built-in stand that is useful for spaces under stairs. The design team at Regan Baker Design has set up an impressive library under the stairs, adjacent to the dining room and stylish, with a mix of small decorations. If you have a treasure trove of books in your pocket but have to stay in cardboard boxes, this is a great way to get them attention.

Make a very chill bait counter

When you relax in your own home, there is a bar to prepare your own or open up a very convenient wine bottle. This bar is designed by Cortney Bishop Design, located right in the living room and is always ready for cocktail hours and dinner parties with friends.

Storing things scientifically

The location under the stairs is a home-run option when it comes to smart storage space. Having it is as easy as installing some simple cabinets or drawers, turning that location into a sophisticated way of storing essential items. John Bynum Custom Homes has used this space downstairs as a storage space for pet essentials.

Set up workspace

@Thislittlehouseofours’s Ms. Melissa took a look at the space under her stairs and saw it as an opportunity to create a stylish workspace. Keep things minimal with a table that fits in the space, and if you want, you can go a step further and build a reading corner like Melissa did here.

Presentation of decorative items

If you want a place that can display decorations that are close to you and close to you, but you lack space, you don’t have to look anywhere, it’s right at the bottom of the stairs. Build some racks and display them in your favorite style. In this photo taken by photographer Madeline Tolle, the white decorations beautifully contrast with the black stand.

Wine storage

Do you want a luxurious corner? If you are a wine enthusiast, you will surely be very excited about the wine “cave” under the stairs. Put on your glasses so that you can clearly see your wine collection, and this will definitely be an interesting opening story every time you have a visitor.

How about a little nap?

When you live in a house that is too small, even a micro house, every space is precious. That’s why this spatial solution from General Assembly is so ingenious: when the area is not being used as a workspace, the cabinet opens and forms a folding bed. It’s an extremely ergonomic design, especially when you find yourself needing to sleep for a few minutes while stressing out on company projects.

Finding enough space to store children’s toys and other essentials is a challenge, and that’s why this idea from Lorna is so great. She filled her space downstairs with the essentials of her daughter’s playroom, like books, stuffed animals, and other items neatly tucked away in crates.

A little space for laundry

Instead of dedicating an entire room to the laundry, why not put it under the stairs? Using the individually designed slots made by Brickhouse Kitchens and Baths, the washing machine and dryer fits snugly in this space, which means homeowners can turn the previous laundry room into a “lair” or office. room. What a clever design.

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