10 great diary apps for Android
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10 great diary apps for Android

With so many things going on in your daily life, there may be many memories you want to keep, but most of us can’t recall them in detail. So that’s when you should consider journaling. But writing a diary in a notebook might sound a bit old. With the explosion of technology, there are many journaling applications on Android smartphones. But you do not know any good applications, so please refer to this article right away and choose for yourself an appropriate “diary”.

  • The best applications to support writing stories and notes on Android

1. Journey

Journey is an easy-to-use application that allows you to write diary entries. It can detect your location and weather conditions so you can choose it to log in the log. You’ll also find options including images and videos, motion statuses like walking, running, biking, etc.These posts can be tagged to categorize into different categories. . With Journey, you won’t have to worry about losing posts because they can be synced on Google Drive and accessed on different platforms like Chrome OS, Mac, Windows and the Web.

Diary journaling application

If you want to share your diary with others, Journey will provide tools for you to share them on social media, publish blogs and print as PDF files. On the other hand, if you want to keep your own diaries, do not want anyone else to read them, you can secure the application with a password in the application settings. Sometimes, if you want to review the logs, you can choose to view them by date, view only the journals with photos or videos, or view them according to the marked location. In addition, Journey also provides input support using Bluetooth or a physical keyboard.

The app also has a premium version that can be purchased within the app. This version offers some extra features like deleting watermark PDF image, exporting in DOCX format, night mode and integrating with Google Fit. You may consider upgrading if you feel you need these additional features.

2. Dream Journal Ultimate

As the name implies, Dream Journal Ultimate is specially developed to allow you to create your dream diary. The application has a feature called “Dream Wall”, where you can read dream diary from others using the application. And, if you want, you can even post your own on this page simply by checking the box with content. “Share Dreams on Dream Wall” when you write a new post. To help you remember to write a diary every day, there is an option called “Dream Journal Reminder” Notifications at a specific time of day.

Dream Journal Ultimate journaling application

Since some posts may contain mature content, they can be filtered off your wall by turning on “Filter Adult” in section “General“of the application settings. Like some of the other applications on this list, you can also secure your logs with a PIN. Finally, your posts can be exported as TXT or files. CSV, but to do that, you will have to pay a small monthly price to support the application via in-app purchases.

3. Penzu

Penzu is one of the most popular journaling applications. The free version provides some basic features you may need such as writing articles in a diary, setting reminders, locking the diary with a password and locking the entire application with a password, most of which The app’s features are only available on the Pro version for $ 4.99 / month through in-app purchase.

Penzu diary application

This pro version allows you to create more than one diary with the ability to lock them with different passwords protected by 256-bit encryption. The number of reminders can also be increased with custom times. You can even add diary covers, customize fonts and backgrounds. If all this is not enough, Penzu Pro also allows you to change the date of the posts in your diary and add tags to them.

4. DayGram

DayGram is a minimalist application with a beautiful interface. When you open the application, the posts are displayed as a timeline. And if you choose to write a new post, you will have the option to add a timestamp. Comes with many themes such as light, night, lake, etc., DaGram allows you to change the look of the application completely. For further customization, you can change the font size, choose from three borders and use the font of your phone in the app. Like most other apps on this list, DayGram allows you to set up journaling reminders, set a password and provide Dropbox backup.

DayGram diary application

5. Daylio

If you don’t plan on creating long posts in your diary, Daylio is the best app for you. In addition to some common features of other journaling apps such as setup reminders, application security with a PIN and backup on Google Drive, it also lets you choose the mood for a specific article. Although only five moods are available, you can change their names to whatever you want. Moreover, you can choose one or more activities from a list to mark your posts. If the activity you are looking for is not mentioned in the list, you can add it yourself and even choose an icon for it.

Daylio diary application

Daylio allows you to view some statistics as well as monthly mood charts, daily average moods, mood counts, etc. to help you keep track of things you may need to change. There is also an inbuilt premium version that can be purchased within the app. This allows you to enjoy the ad-free experience, along with added functions such as adding reminders, downloading your articles as a CSV file and automatically backing up.

6. Narrate

Narrate is an open source project licensed under Apache 2.0 and hosted on GitHub. Boasting features similar to other diary apps on the list such as cryptographic application security, cloud synchronization and geotagging, it also comes with a number of interesting features. other. You can back up posts not only on the cloud, but also on your computer. Narrate comes with a useful feature that allows you to recover deleted items. Photos you take in the app are automatically saved in the gallery, and if you want, you can turn this feature off in the app’s settings.

Narrate diary application

7. Universal Diary

Universal Diary is not much different from other diary apps. It allows you to set a reminder for creating an article at a specific time of the day. You can choose a theme like white, dark or summer color, secure the app with a password and back up data to Google Drive. Alternatively, you can also transfer it to an SD card. Universal Diary comes with an auto-save feature that you can store your posts after every set time interval. Although this option is turned off by default, you can turn it on in the app’s settings.

Universal Diary journaling application

Universal Diary has a feature called “Marks”Including things like notes, paintings, finance, etc. You can set the local currency in the app settings to make it more personalized. The full-in-app purchase version offers export to PDF and ad-free experience.

8. Moment Diary

Moment Diary is a diary application with lots of options. You can change the interface in many ways such as changing colors, date colors, text colors, etc.You can also insert a wallpaper and activate different skin types. Moment Diary provides almost all the main features of most other journaling applications, including reminders, passwords and photos. The main view is in the form of a list but may also change in settings. You can view your posts in a list or calendar format and can even view images in them. Articles in the application are limited to 140 characters by default, but this limit may be removed from the application settings. With the ability to search for a specific article, Moment Diary is a great diary application.

Diary application Moment Diary

9. Memories

While not a beautiful interface, Memoires has an interesting feature called “Follow up“This allows you to add an existing memory to create a stream of thought. Memories come with the ability to add photos and sound recordings, weather and location information, add tags, search memories. When creating an article, you can share it with others, view and edit it, create a stream of thoughts and even navigate to the location where it was created. people on your posts, but for that reason, you need to buy the Memoires Contact Note ($ 1.06).

Writing Memories application

10. me.time

me.time is not exactly a journaling application like the others on this list. Although it allows you to save your feelings, don’t really write whatever you want. The application works in a different way. You will have a question, called “Records“, you can answer those questions every day. These questions are designed to help you understand yourself better. You can choose to be notified daily of questions and may even choose. In addition, you can view the response that other users have written and shared publicly, and you can lock it with a password to hide the answer. your from others.

Me.time diary application

Being able to recall all your memories in detail is great. Not everyone has the gift of memory to remember it all. But now that you know the 10 best journaling apps for Android, you can use them to save memorable memories.


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