10 facts about German cockroaches are raging in Vietnamese apartments - Photo 1.

10 facts about German cockroaches are raging in Vietnamese apartments

About 2 years ago, especially in the summer of 2019, a strange cockroach species has massively attacked many apartments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

According to people's description, they are smaller than ordinary cockroaches, cannot fly and run very fast, it is worrisome that they appear "greasy" with insecticides. Even the cockroach killing team with specialized tools and chemicals entered, but only for a while was that this hateful insect appeared again.

This exotic cockroach species is smaller in size than cockroach in Vietnam, easily distinguished by its color and stripes on its back

This foreign cockroach species is actually German cockroach (Blattella germanica), the size of the adult is 1.3 – 1.6cm, even larger. German cockroach has become the terror of the British – because they eat and gnaw everything, from leather, books, plastic packaging to food.

If conditions are favorable, a pair of German cockroaches can create 10,000 descendants in just one year and the breeding process is the worst in the summer months.

10 facts about German cockroaches are raging in Vietnamese apartments - Photo 2.

According to the pests page Pest WikiGerman cockroaches favor hot and humid environments, especially in the kitchen area. Although they also have wings, they rarely fly and mainly search for food at night. The simplest way to check if there are German cockroaches in the house is to look at the dark, wet gaps in the kitchen.

Here are 10 facts that not everyone knows about German cockroaches and some ways to kill this insect:

1. German cockroach has a complete metamorphosis process.

2. German cockroaches are an intermediary for the transmission of intestinal salmonella and other diseases.

3. The hard shell protecting the head (pronotum) of the German cockroach is easy to identify with 2 vertical black stripes.

4. German cockroach eggs (ootheca) can hold up to 35 – 40 baby cockroach larvae.

10 facts about German cockroaches are raging in Vietnamese apartments - Photo 3.

5. In favorable conditions, German cockroach takes 1 month to hatch.

6. The German cockroach will hold the egg cover for nearly a month, until it is about to hatch.

7. Depending on the food source, a German cockroach takes 6 weeks to 6 months to mature.

8. Not very often fly but German cockroaches like high places (apartments), where temperature and humidity are high.

9. With arolium structure under the soles of the feet, German cockroaches can climb on smooth surfaces.

10. In nymph stage (nymph), German cockroaches have a pale patch in the middle of the chest.

When German cockroaches appear in the house, it is necessary to immediately review the situation of household hygiene, especially the kitchen area, the bathroom. It looks harmless but German cockroaches and city cockroaches in general, are intermediate species that carry dysentery, gastroenteritis.

Cockroaches are even associated with an increase in eczema, causing irritation to cause asthma attacks.

Refer to Wiki Pest

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