10 artists reshape Japanese art style for 5 minutes
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10 artists reshape Japanese art style for 5 minutes

These artists both keep the tradition and have creativity catch up with the times.

The artists
This illustrator, designer and photographer inherits the millennium essence of Japan
Ban, inspired by Western culture and unique personal taste
to bring a new breeze to Phu Tang art.

Let’s take a look at these 10 artists!

1. Tatsuro Kiuchi

Artist illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Influenced by the west coast style, Tatsuro Kiuchi’s paintings are calm, fresh and artistically.

The topics that he chose to paint are diverse, from sustainable environments to American sports. The most striking is the peaceful and strange Japanese landscape painting that Tatsuro Kiuchi drew for Uniqlo fashion and The Atlantic magazine.

Pollution under the sea.
Illustration in cooperation with Uniqlo.

2. Kota Yamaji

Kota Yamaji is
dubbed the “Warhol guy of Tokyo”. Painting by Kota Yamaji is often used
Use vibrant, somewhat dazzling colors, polka dots textures and weird ideas. Contemplate
paintings of Kota Yamaji, viewers feel they are taking part in the trip
the process of hallucination, passing surrealism and popular culture of the land of flowers

A typical graphic work of Kota Yamaji.
Crocodile in the picture “Crystal Animals”.

3. Norikazu

Norikazu is a regent
photographer specializes in taking photos of peaceful, quiet nature, showing observation
and sharp grasp.

The landscape painting of Norikazu exudes a sense of flutter and honors the majestic natural beauty of the land of the rising sun, such as the monkeys in the “Jigokudani hell valley”, the traditional Torii gate early in the morning, the mountain Fuji in the afternoon of sunset, the streets are full of cherry blossoms, etc.

Jigokudani snow monkey park.
Torii Gate.

4. Ryo Takemasa

Each achieved much
Award in illustration design industry and is often known through the book
Guide notebook Birds of Tokyo, Ryo Takemasa is quite famous in other countries
The West.

Birds of Tokyo.

Ryo Takemasa specializes in landscape, nature and four seasons painting. His style is bold vintage 1950s, clean layout, bringing nostalgic beauty of a daily life slowly drifting.

5. Chesky

Contrary to the graphics
The artist usually paints tranquility, tranquility and brightness, Chesky chooses
Give yourself a different direction. He put his imagination in every picture
paintings to paint future Japanese cities in the future.

Future cities in Japan.

6. Shun Sasaki

Shun Sasaki is
Founder and art director of studio Ayond since 2016. Influenced by
1980s design styles, street signs and graffiti,
Shun Sasaki’s paintings look eccentric and sometimes bring the feeling of being lost in the world

Bread with toothpaste spreads.
Do you recognize Typography?

7. Hiroyuki Izutsu

Hiroyuki Izutsu is an illustrator specializing in drawing for many magazines, advertising publications and publishers. The motif commonly found in Hiroyuki Izutsu’s paintings is landscapes, flowers and people.

Awa Odori festival poster.
2019 calendar of Shikoku Electric Company.

8. Sion Hsu

Although Sion Hsu is from Taiwan, this designer deserves to be on the list because of Japanese inheritance.

Sion Hsu’s work often uses soft, neutral colors like gray, brown, charcoal, and metallic accents. The aesthetics of Sion Hsu’s work is judged to follow the “wabi-sabi” philosophy, which means focusing on imperfections and emphasizing impermanence.

9. Keiji Yano

Keiji Yano is photographed
Great influence from traditional art style. Whether a “digital artist”
specializing in portrait and landscape painting, Keiji Yano’s work is always reminiscent of
wall murals from centuries ago.

A poster to introduce Sukiyaki to Kioizaka.

Delicate colors,
The unreal lines and the feeling of wandering into the dream realm always appear in pictures of
Keiji Yano, further emphasizes the imprint of the ancient and contemporary style.

Illustration for the Shizuoka newspaper.
Aloha Market event in Shibuya.

10. Hiromi Maeo

Hiromi Maeo is
graphic designer, with the main job of branding for businesses
domestic and foreign industries in many fields. Hiromi’s design style
Maeo emphasizes minimalism, timelessness and elegance in every detail, word
writing, color to contours.

Logo for Seekers Base start-up business
Logo for video maker Bouncy.

Source: Lost Bird

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