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10 applications to help “cricket” control computers remotely

One of the advantages of smartphones is the large touch screen, suitable for remote computer access. From there, users can use the phone anywhere to access applications and documents and control computers. Here are 10 best Android apps for users to easily control the computer remotely.

Android applications that control computers remotely

  • 1. Chrome Remote Control
  • 2. Teamviewer for Remote Control
  • 3. Unified Remote
  • 4. PC Remote
  • 5. KiwiMote
  • 6. VNC Viewer
  • 7. Splashtop Personal
  • 8. Remote Link
  • 9. DroidMote
  • 10. Microsoft Remote Desktop

1. Chrome Remote Control

  • Download Chrome Remote Control for Android

Chrome Remote Control application

Chrome Remote Control is one of the best Android apps you can use to control your PC. With Chrome Remote Control users only need a Google account to share screens between devices. Not only that, this application is also very fast, allowing users to use Android devices such as mice to control the computer. You only need to download and set up Chrome Remote Control on Chrome browser and Android app to share the screen.

2. Teamviewer for Remote Control

  • Download Teamviewer for Remote Control for Android

Teamviewer for Remote Control application

Teamviewer for Remote Control is another good Android app on the list, allowing users to control the computer. This application not only controls Windows computers but also macOS and Linux computers. The great feature of Teamviewer for Remote Control is that it doesn’t require both devices to connect to the same Wifi network to start a remote session. In addition, Teamviewer for Remote Control is also known for the ability to share screens in real time.

3. Unified Remote

  • Download Unified Remote for Android

Unified Remote application

Unified Remote is another excellent Android application on the list that allows users to control other devices remotely. The great thing about Unified Remote is that it can use Bluetooth or Wifi to remotely control other devices such as computers running on Windows, Mac and Linux. Users only need to download the Unified Remote software on the computer and mobile application on the phone to control the PC remotely from Android. In addition, it provides file manager, media player control and multi-touch support.

4. PC Remote

  • Download PC Remote for Android

PC Remote application

PC Remote is an Android application used to control PCs. First, users need to install PC Remote Receiver on the computer and mobile version on Android. The highlight of PC Remote is that it provides features such as controlling the keyboard, mouse, PowerPoint controls, etc. In addition, PC Remote also provides Data Cable feature that allows users to access computer files. on the phone via the FTP server.

5. KiwiMote

  • Download KiwiMote for Android

KiwiMote application

KiwiMote allows users to control computers from Android via Wifi. However, your computer needs to have Java installed to run KiwiMote. Kiwimote is also available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

6. VNC Viewer

  • Download VNC Viewer for Android

VNC Viewer application

VNC Viewer allows users to access computer screens via Android. In addition, the application also provides a few other features such as backup, synchronization, Bluetooth keyboard, etc.

7. Splashtop Personal

  • Download Splashtop Personal for Android

Splashtop Personal Application

If you’re looking for the easiest, quickest, and most secure remote desktop app, Splashtop Personal is probably the best choice for you. Splashtop Personal allows users to access computers using Android devices. It provides high resolution, stream video and audio in real time from the computer’s webcam.

8. Remote Link

  • Download Remote Link for Android

Remote Link application

ASUS Remote Link is another best Android app that turns your device into a Wifi or Bluetooth remote for your PC. Remote Link provides almost everything you would expect from a remote control app. It has features like touchpad remote control, keyboard remote control, media controls, etc.So, Remote Link is another best Android app to control a PC.

9. DroidMote

  • Download DroidMote for Android

DroidMote application

With DroidMote, users can control Android, Linux, Windows or Chrome OS devices freely. To start a remote session with DroidMote, simply install the server client client on another device. This application is not very popular, but this is definitely one of the best Android applications you can use to control your computer.

10. Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android

Microsoft Remote Desktop application

Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of the best and top rated remote desktop apps on the Google Play Store, used to connect to a PC or virtual remote application. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can access PCs running Windows Professional, Enterprise and Windows Server. The application also supports video streaming and high quality audio. Therefore, Microsoft Remote Desktop is the best Android application for controlling computers.

These are the 10 best Android apps you can use to control your PC via smartphone. Hope the article is helpful to you.


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