1.06-1.12 global game sales ranking “Star Wars Jedi” withered?

每周 The global game weekly sales ranking compiled by Youxia.com is here! Gathering data on the game sales of various platforms, online ranking of Steam players, and sales of consoles for a week, let’s take a look at the data of this week (1.06-1.12)! The summary is that the sale of “Monster Hunter World: Icefield” on the PC has also increased the sales of the game on other platforms, and the sales of “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Samurai” have fallen on all platforms!

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Among them, the PC version of “Monster Hunter: World” Icefield DLC officially released on January 10 successfully reached the top, and its luxury version ranked second. Affected by the release of new expansions and discount promotions, Monster Hunter: World took sixth place. Although a lot of optimization problems appeared after the release, it still can’t resist the players’ love for it. R’s two games “Big Cousin” and “GTA5” can still play, ranking third and fourth.

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